With the parade of men streaming in and out of my house day and night, I’m sure the new neighbors yet-to-be-met are whispering behind their tilted blinds about the newly moved-in single mom hussy who’s obviously out to steal all their husbands. How I WISH my man parade were more scandalous and I DO hate to spoil their fun, but the men are all being paid to patch, paint, push, pull, plug in and perform — just not in my bedroom. Well, except Scott, who did a fine job hanging my TV on my bedroom wall. He was good…….real good.

I kid.

Unpacking-kellie-080614I’ll be so happy when the service calls can finally stop (I’ve got three lined up between noon and 6pm today)…when I can finally have someone walk in my house without apologizing profusely for the mess that lies before them…when the last box is emptied and the last picture is hung…when I can finally say that buying this house was the best decision I could’ve made and not my biggest regret of 2014.

By the way, for the first time in my life, I turned on a gas stove yesterday. I was TERRIFIED!! But I survived. Today I might get up the nerve to do it again.