Kellie’s Blog: It’s Healthy Kid Tax Day!
Kellie’s Blog: It’s Healthy Kid Tax Day!

Today is Kidd’s Kids Day! This is the only day of the year that we will drop down on our knees and beg you to make a donation to send chronically and terminally ill kids, as well as kids with catastrophic injuries, on an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World. No, we’re not funding research to find cures. But we’re giving these kids and their families a much-needed break from the constant doctors appointments and the shots and tests and the grim faces when those tests come back and the news isn’t so great this time….And to get five days away from that in the most magical place on earth?? That’s almost like medicine for these kids and their families’ souls! In fact, doctors should keep a Disney prescription pad in their pockets and actually prescribe vacations to Disney World. You think that might be covered by insurance?

I worked so hard to have my daughter. It was a nightmare of all those unsuccessful infertility treatments and then the shock of finally discovering I was pregnant, only to be told a few months later that there was a fairly decent chance my daughter would be born with Down’s Syndrome. I allowed myself exactly one day to grieve the fact that my perfect plan to deliver a perfect baby might not work out after all. I curled up in a ball on my couch and stayed there all day, letting myself cry as much as my body would let me. And then, that was it! I had to accept the fact that this might be the card I was dealt and that God may have chosen me for this mighty awesome task. And I thought of the Kidd’s Kids parents I’d met over the years and the love they have for their kids and the pride at being the ones chosen to watch over and protect these fragile bodies and to tend to their every need. And I honestly had a peace about it. Of course, a few months later, I was blessed with a perfectly healthy girl.

kellies-blog-090314But how many of our Kidd’s Kids parents were also told that very same news the day their child was born? What happens in that delivery room doesn’t guarantee a lifetime without cancer or without catastrophic injuries. How many of those parents thought at one point that this could never happen in their family? How many times have we been told by a parent that they’ve always donated to Kidd’s Kids in years past and never dreamed that one day they’d be on the receiving end of a trip themselves!

Donating to Kidd’s Kids is what Kidd always called “paying a healthy kid tax,” and Healthy Kid Tax Day happened to fall on September 3rd this year. We’re honored to keep Kidd’s legacy alive through this charity and beyond thrilled to have his daughter Caroline with us to help carry the torch.

There are several ways to donate!

* Call the Southwest Airlines Donation Hotline until 1pm CT today at 888-792-5439 (888-SWA-KIDZ).

* You can donate $10 by texting KIDD to 52000. (You can donate up to 3 times by text for a total donation of $30.)

* Donate online 365 days a year at

* Buy Kidd’s Kids t-shirts and the new Kidd Kraddick art poster (His passion was art and this was his favorite headshot ever!) at All the proceeds go to our charity.

* Spread the word! Let your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know that this is Kidd’s Kids Day and where they can donate.