What a messy day. It went from a partly cloudy 80 on Saturday to a sleeting 25 on Sunday. So what do I do to while away the gloomy hours until the pre-Oscar red carpet on E!? I load up my belly with pancakes, break out the credit card and do some online shopping! But I’ve spent enough today, so after this brief blog interlude, I’m going to do some online house-hunting.

emma-kelly-sitting-picI’m thinking about moving to a neighborhood with more kids for Emma Kelly to play with. But how do I find that neighborhood, exactly? They don’t exactly put that in the listings. I guess I just need to drive around and look for yards filled with soccer nets and abandoned bicycles. Of course, my neighbors are going to die if I take Emma Kelly away from them….and I DO hate the thought of moving. I’ve been in this house for 8 years now — that’s almost the longest I’ve ever lived in one place. And it’s the only home Emma Kelly has ever known. But she’s already like, “Let’s move! I want to go to a new school with a football team and everything!!” So I guess I won’t be getting any lip from her, unless I decide to stay put.

Speaking of Emma Kelly, she is very excited about spring break. She has created a little book that has each day listed from March 8-March 16. She’s trying to schedule a different activity for each day and so far she’s got us booked Tuesday through Saturday. We’ve got two birthday parties on the schedule, plus a visit to the Arboretum, the Wizard of Oz exhibit and a Beauty and the Beast puppet show. She’s trying to convince me that we should try to hit up Six Flags on Monday, but I’m trying to get her to understand that Mommy needs at least one day on this schedule to get about a dozen years lasered or scraped off my face. I’m going to pencil that in for myself on Monday and let EK get back to me on that.