Kellie’s Blog: My lucky day!!!
Kellie’s Blog: My lucky day!!!

We do this TV show called Dish Nation. (Check for local listings! Insert smiley face here!)

We’re not supposed to wear anything that has any labels or logos, UNLESS we get permission. It’s some sort of TV law thing. I don’t know………So anyway, when I wanted to wear my Britney Spears t-shirt — the one that I bought on the opening night of her Vegas show (Thank you very much, Big Al!) — I didn’t see the problem with that. Britney Spears is more than a logo. She’s more than a label. Britney Spears is my heart! So what’s the problem? Oh, there was a problem.

I had to send the producers the name of the t-shirt manufacturer. I had to send the exact wording of the label inside the back collar. I had to take a picture of the shirt and send it in for approval. After three weeks, I heard………….nothing.

So I sent a followup email. Can I wear my Britney Spears shirt or not? Oops! They forgot to follow up on it. What???? Nice to know my Britney Spears t-shirt is of so little importance to everyone but ME!!

The next day I got an email. It seems that Britney Spears’ management would prefer to just go ahead and send me one of her shirts that they pre-approve for me to wear. So you’re telling me I’m getting a FREE Britney Spears t-shirt from Britney Spears’ management team that I get to wear on national TV?!?! Heck yeah! That’s a score right there!

britney-jean-signed-cdSo guess what arrived on my doorstep this weekend! And not only did I get my pre-approved Britney Spears t-shirt, I got an autographed Britney Spears CD! Now, is it REALLY her autograph? You KNOW I googled it to do some comparing and contrasting. This is what I’ve decided to believe:  Britney was sitting there in her dressing room signing a stack of CDs in a real hurry, so her autograph wasn’t as pristine as it normally is. And as far as the “To Kellie” part? Absolutely not her handwriting. But that’s okay! I’m going to believe that the autograph IS hers! And what I know for sure is that the CD and the T-shirt are MINE!!

And now I’m off to write a thank you note to Britney Spears’ management team.