What a beautiful weekend. At least part of it. I’m tweeted, poked and messaged constantly. It’s impossible to sort through them all, much less answer them. But every once in a while, I come across something that I was just MEANT to see. And that happened with a tweet a couple of months back. A man invited me to a Rock the Troops event over Memorial Day weekend. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be in town. My cousin was hoping to get me to take a trip to Charleston that same weekend. So I said I would love to, if I was in town. And then I found a house that I want to buy and then I realized that meant I had to get my house on the market and I knew that a weekend trip to SC was out of the cards, and somehow that Rock the Troops event managed to slip my mind.

troops-operation-once-in-a-lifetimeBut then I saw that second tweet — another person inviting me to the same event. I knew I had to be there. And I’m so glad I did! Rock the Troops was a benefit for Operation Once in a Lifetime. It’s like a Make-a-Wish for our military men and women. Within five minutes of arriving at the event, I met a man who lost both his legs from the knee down when he stepped on a land mine. Operation Once in a Lifetime is helping him get a house! That’s powerful stuff! And I went to check out OperationOnceInALifetime.com and saw how they help fulfill so many wishes. For instance, one of our guys stationed in Korea wanted to be home for the birth of his child, but did you know that our service men and women have to pay for those flights home?? And do you know how little our service members are paid and how much that flight would cost?? Operation Once in a Lifetime paid for his flight and he arrived home hours before his baby was born. And that’s just one example. They grant wishes whenever and wherever they can for our military. I’m so happy I found this charity!! I hope to have a hand in granting many wishes for our soldiers who put it all on the line for all of us.

I hope you’ll check it out — www.operationonceinalifetime.com