Kellie’s Blog: Prayers for George
Kellie’s Blog: Prayers for George

So let’s play catch up.

The day Big Al’s #BuyKelliesHouse shirts arrived, I got two offers on my house. And yes, after inspections and the briefest negotiations in the history of wheeling and dealing (I’m a pushover, to say the least) my house is sold! And now the next few weeks will be spent deciding what I really want to haul off to the new house and boxing up the rest of my memories. This is the only house Emma Kelly has ever known. She says she’s a little bit sad about leaving it, but she’s really looking forward to her new blue and purple room.

george-kellies-dogSo I noticed a lump on my dog George’s neck. He’s had little lumps here and there before and I’ve had them checked, but the vet always said it was little fatty deposits. But this time it was different. It was bigger than an egg, right under his left jaw. I immediately had a bad feeling but then tried to tell myself it’s probably an infected gland or an infection from a bad tooth. His breath HAS been stinking pretty badly for about a week, so maybe it was a tooth thing, right? The vet, however, didn’t share my optimism. He thinks George has lymphoma and took a tissue sample to send off to the lab. We should know something tomorrow.

I’ve been loving on that dog so hard ever since!! In fact, I’m afraid he’s starting to get a little annoyed by the sudden onslaught of extra attention and treats. He may even be a little suspicious of my motives, but I distract him with more belly rubbing. I haven’t googled the worst-case scenarios and the vet hasn’t told me how bad this might be and we haven’t discussed any treatment options. We’re just waiting on the official diagnosis and we’ll go from there. But I’m still hoping it’s a bad tooth and that a good cleaning and a round of doggie antibiotics will do the trick. And that big lump in his neck has gone down a little bit. That’s a good sign, right?

But I’d appreciate your prayers for my little George! That precious little yorkie poo-poo has gotten me some of the darkest times of my life, and I’m praying that God gives me a few more years to love on him.