Emma Kelly and I have a love-hate relationship with “The Bachelor.” She loves the rose ceremony. I hate having to sit through everything to get to the rose ceremony. But, like I always say, “The Bachelor” is like Dating 101 for single women. You see how unattractive the most beautiful woman can become if she has an ugly spirit. You see how playing games may work in the short-term but they usually blow up in your face. You see what men are attracted to and repelled by when it comes to looks, body parts and behavior. “The Bachelor” is a freaking educational experience!!

But then along comes Chris the One Lipped Farmer who, by the way, really knows how to sell the idea of moving with him to Iowa to live in what seems to be a dozen bodies short of becoming a ghost town. And after I had lectured my daughter on how men are turned off by foul-mouthed, drunk, crazy-eyed, demanding behavior in women, we sit there and watch him give roses to the potty mouth, the drunk and the psycho!!! At one fell swoop and minus an upper lip, this man undid all the good I’d done sitting through that nonsense!

kellie-blog-pic-010615And what is up with Michelle Money?!?! I have ALWAYS had that girls back. I thought she was misunderstood and that she should’ve been bumped up to main Bachelorette status. But then to sit there and say on national TV that she heard the girl doesn’t bathe! Is that okay?? But is it also okay for us to speculate that Catherine and Sean are expecting a baby? She sure was attached to that cape, wasn’t she? Hmmm…….

Anyway, I don’t know if I can continue to support this nonsense. But we all know the truth….come Monday night, I’ll be stuck in front of my TV and my laptop live tweeting the next round of this nonsense while my daughter sits there waiting for the next rose ceremony. Hopefully Prince Farming will turn things around and right his terrible wrongs.