Out of the blue, Emma Kelly has given me permission to date. BUT! She has certain requirements that must be met and — she says — she gets final approval. I’m always amused to hear what she has to say so I told her to hit me with it.

First, he has to be tall — “like 6 feet tall.” Why? “Because he has to be able to carry me.” See, I’ve told my daughter that she’s officially too big for me to carry any more so she’s on the lookout for a man of sturdy stock to hoist her up and tote her around.

Emma Kelly says my man also needs to be active “because we’re not and we should be.” This one’s my fault. I’ve been telling EK that we need to get healthy and apparently the message is sinking in. I guess it’s time for me to start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk..BUT! If the 6-foot-tall love of my life comes along and wants to take my kid jogging, they can go for it! I’ll have snacks ready for you when you get back.

blue-v-neck-builder-300x300She would also like my future boyfriend/potential husband to have a part-time job. That would, of course, leave him plenty of time for more of that active stuff she wants to do. What would she like him to do on that part-time job? She wants him to be a builder! That’s my kid!! Mommy wants a man who can BUILD stuff!!

And last, but not least, Emma Kelly would like him to be brunette and wear blue v-neck shirts. Why? “Because that’s the picture I have in my head.”

So our task has been set! All 6-foot-tall, blue v-neck tee-shirt wearing, brunette builders with part-time hours, strong arms and a desire for physical activity can send their applications to my daughter in care of her mommy. We’ll be in touch.