If I could have about 2 more weeks of vacation now, please, I could maybe get everything done I MEANT to do over the last week of vacation. Have you ever experienced Buyer’s Remorse? I am in the throes of it and it is almost paralyzing.  There are so many things I NEED to be doing, and it’s like I’m in this semi-frozen state. All I can do is keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other, one box at a time.

bubble-wrap-chinaThe things I’m finding as I pack are truly shocking. Eight and a half years of my life have accumulated in this house. And I’m left with this question:  Why do I have so much freaking Tupperware??? And why the heck did I register for fine China??? Hey, Brides-to-be, I have a little tip for you:  Don’t register for fine China!! Or crystal!!! You will never EVER use it! You will only end up covering each fragile, breakable piece in bubble wrap and hauling it from one house to the next! Oh, you may THINK you’ll set that elaborate crock pot when you leave for work in the morning so you’ll have a hearty stew ready for your man when he comes home at night…and you may daydream of churning ice cream for your family and serving it up on a hot summer day in those crystal dishes shaped like waffle cones…but let me tell you something — YOU WON’T!! So when you’re out registering for wedding gifts and you’re caught up in the headiness of it all, pointing that little laser gun at every bar code in the store BECAUSE YOU CAN, I hope the sound of my whiny Southern voice screeches in the back of your mind, “Just STOP!!!!!” You’ll thank me later when you’re into hour six of your garage sale trying to sell that never-used $200 Belgian waffle maker for $5 to some bargain hunter trying to haggle you down to two bucks. Or you can always just swaddle it in bubble wrap and move it with you to the next house.  The choice is yours.

I also need to take a moment to apologize to Blockbuster.  I just now found three DVDs I forgot to mail back to you in 2011. I’m sorry I contributed to your bankruptcy.