Kelly Clarkson refuses to be bullied by Clive Davis

Bravo is shaking things up with the Housewives…Britney is that you??…Taylor Swift in a $2.5M lawsuit and Kelly Clarkson refuses to be bullied by Clive Davis.

Forget what you may have heard — Toy Story 4 ain’t happening. At least not yet! Some Columbian radio executive made a tweet heard ’round the world and suddenly everybody was getting all excited about seeing Buzz and Woody as soon as next year. But Pixar has stated that nothing is in the works. But this isn’t the first time that rumor has bubbled up. A couple years ago, Tom Hanks said a fourth “Toy Story” was in development, but nothing ever came of that.

Star magazine is reporting some casting changes on the “Real Housewives of Orange County.” Even though she’s back for the 8th season, which debuts on April 1, a source says Gretchen Rossi may be on her way out the door because Bravo executives don’t think her storyline with Slade Smiley is going anywhere And — a la Bethenny Frankel  and Kim Zolciak — there are rumors that Tamra Barney may be getting her own spinoff show. Vicki, Heather, and — shockingly — Alexis are all back for season 8, as well as a new Housewife, Lydia McLaughlin. She’s the owner of a high-end magazine in Southern California.


I’m not going to say that Britney Spears isn’t guilty of lip-synching, but this latest rumor is simply ridiculous. This man told “Star” magazine that his daughter sings for Britney IN THE RECORDING STUDIO!! Seriously? Her name is Myah Marie and her dad says she sounds so much like Britney that she sang seven songs on Britney’s “Femme Fatale” CD, earning just $1000 per song. SERIOUSLY???

Taylor Swift is being sued for the $2.5 million she was paid for a canceled concert. The lawsuit claims Taylor was paid up front to perform a concert in Ottawa last August. But the concert was canceled and not rescheduled, so the promoters want their money back. Duh. But Taylor’s defense is this — it wasn’t her fault the concert was canceled. The organizers simply weren’t organized and her fee is non-refundable, so THERE.

 Kelly Clarkson refuses to be bullied by Clive Davis, even if he is 80. In his autobiography, Clive claims Kelly broke down in hysterical tears when he insisted “Since U Been Gone” be included on her “Breakaway” album. Kelly says that’s absolutely not true. The fight over that song was over guitars. Kelly wanted more; Clive wanted less. Kelly won. She says she DID cry after Clive heard her song “Because of You” and told Kelly she was a sh*tty songwriter because the words didn’t rhyme and that she should just shut up and sing and be grateful for all he’d done for her. Clive says she’s lying and that he has at least 5 sources to back him up. Who you gonna believe? As for me —  TEAM KELLY!!!

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