Kevin Hart’s Mistress Montia Sabbag Speaks Out

AGT & BB19 winner… Is Tom Cruise to blame for two deaths?… Elsie Hewitt’s story backed up… Cardi B in a choke hold… and Kevin Hart’s mistress Montia Sabbag speaks out

A couple of competitions came to an end last night. On America’s Got Talent, 12-year-old singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer burst into tears when she was announced as the $1 million grand prize winner. She said the first thing she’s going to do is give some of the money to her church’s mission program. Then she’s going to buy her mom a dishwasher because the one they have now doesn’t work so good. And finally, Darci Lynne says she’s going to buy herself a pug….but only if her parents let her. And Big Brother wrapped up last night. When it got down to the final three, the houseguests picked that big, annoying doofus Josh over Christmas and Paul, who apparently was considered a shoe-in to win. So Josh takes home half a million dollars in prize money. The deciding vote belonged to Cody, who ended up winning $25K because he was America’s favorite player.

Congrats to Darci Lynne, the $1 million winner of America’s Got Talent Season 12!



The families of two people who died in a plane crash on the set of Tom Cruise’s new movie American Made say Tom is partially to blame for their deaths. Their lawsuit claims that Tom and the movie director Doug Liman contributed to the circumstances that led to the fatal crash back on September 11, 2015. Their lawsuit says that Tom and Doug kept adding entirely new scenes and they were coming up with aerial shots on the fly. They kept wanting to film an over-the-top action scene over and over. The lawsuit cites an email from one of the executive producers on the movie, who complained to the insurance company about Tom and Doug, saying what those two were coming up with was some of the most insane s**t he’d ever dealt with and that it was the most dangerous project he’d ever encountered.

Elsie Hewitt has somebody on her side. The Blast spoke to a woman claiming she was with Elsie and Ryan Phillippe the night Elsie was attacked and she backs her story up 100 percent. The woman says they were all at Nobu when Ryan got jealous that other men were flirting with Elsie so he took off. But because Elsie’s belongings — including her house keys — were in Ryan’s car, they took an Uber to his house so they could get Elsie’s things and go home. The woman claims that when they got to Ryan’s, he started yelling and cursing at Elsie, calling her all sorts of horrible names. And that’s when she claims that Ryan picked Elsie up “like a baby and tossed her down the stairs.” The witness claims that Elsie sat at the bottom of the stairs and sobbed, but then crawled back up to try and get her things so she could leave. She said that’s when Ryan attacked her again, throwing her down the stairs so violently that they both fell. The two women went to the city attorney and this friend says the attorney believed their story, but said it would be difficult to convict him because of who Ryan is.

If you heard Cardi B on our show Tuesday morning, you probably thought she was pretty awesome. Well, she wasn’t doing so awesome Tuesday night! Cardi B was riding in her new Bentley SUV when another driver hit her. She and her cousin got out and started arguing with the other driver, and that’s when an officer arrived. Sources say the officer put Cardi in a choke hold and slammed her up against her car. But once she calmed down, the officer released her. He reportedly left the accident scene without taking a report or issuing any citations. Cardi tweeted and deleted it about it right after, saying, “I can’t believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now s**t is crazy these NY cops don’t know how to do they job (BLANK) 12” She’s reportedly considering legal action.

The woman caught on video with Kevin Hart in a Vegas hotel room appeared with her attorney Lisa Bloom at a press conference yesterday. Montia Sabbag wants us all to know, she is not an extortionist and she is not a stripper. She said, “I’m a recording artist and an actress and I’ve not broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.” Lisa says her client is also a victim in all of this, and they invite Kevin to join them in bringing the bad guys to justice.

HipHollywood captured Kevin Hart’s mistress, Montia Sabbag, opening up about the night she was caught on camera getting intimate with the famous comedian.


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