Sensitive. Friendly. Hilarious. Kidd Kraddick was the driving force behind KiddNation.

Kidd was the creator of Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, the most-listened-to contemporary morning show in America. His numerous accolades included America’s Best Radio Personality, Radio and Records Major Market Personality of the Year and the distinguished Marconi Award for Radio Personality of the Year.

He passed away in July 2013 while at an event to raise money for his beloved charity, Kidd’s Kids. Kraddick is survived by his one daughter, Caroline.

Radio History:
After stints as a nighttime teen idol in Miami, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Tampa (where he was given the name “Kidd” by a program director), Kraddick took his show to Dallas, where he quickly made the transition to morning drive. In 2001, the show went syndicated and aired in cities across the country and world-wide on AFN (American Forces Radio). Kidd Kraddick in the Morning rose to #1 in almost every market where listeners were captivated by stories from Kidd and his cast, interactive radio topics, unique scripted characters and his take on pop culture. In 2010, he added a weekend show to his busy schedule, creating The Hollywood 5, where he and the morning cast talked exclusively about celebrity gossip.

Kidd’s Kids:
Each year, through fund-raisers and special events, his non-profit organization continues to raise over $300,000 dollars to send children to Walt Disney World. For over 20 years, Kidd’s Kids has provided free trips for the families of hundreds of chronically and terminally ill children. They fill the seats of a 737 airplane each November and spends four days helping the children fulfill a fantasy. Find out more at