Kim K Drops A Baby Name Hint

Ruby Rose in a wheelchair after back surgery… Party of Five reboot is happening… Dennis Rodman is in rehab… Justin Bieber reunited with his mom… and Kim Kardashian drops a baby name hint

Children of the 90s should be excited to here this. The Freeform channel is bringing back “Party of Five,” only this time, instead of the five Salinger kids losing their parents to a drunk driver, the five Buendias kids lose their parents to deportation. It’s not clear if any of the original cast — including Lacey Chabert, Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, and Jennifer Love Hewitt — will be back for the reboot.

“Orange is the New Black” star Ruby Rose tweeted a picture of herself in a hospital wheelchair, explaining, “So…For the past few years (decade) I’ve been dealing with a spine issue. I am now recovering from a back procedure, but I do need to stay active, so before I get seen with my cane and wheel chair in public, I’d rather put it out there that I’m fine and going to be fine.” She didn’t, however, reveal what this spine issue is.

Behind every strong female lead is another strong female lead.

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Dennis Rodman is in rehab. He was arrested in Southern California late Saturday on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over for a traffic violation. On Wednesday, Dennis checked himself into a rehab facility in Paterson, NJ. This isn’t Dennis’ first stint in rehab. Back in 2014, he spent three weeks at this same rehab facility after returning from North Korea, where he’d organized that exhibition game for Kim Jon Un with some of his retired NBA buddies. At the time, Dennis said he just needed to decompress.

Yesterday, Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette posted a picture of the two of them on vacation in the Maldives. This is a BIG DEAL. Justin basically cut off communication with his mom while he was going through his darkest times, but now that he’s coming out the other side, it looks like they picked up right where they left off. Patti captioned the picture, “I’m so proud of the amazing young man you are, and the young man you are becoming. None of us are perfect and never will be, (so we will always need patience and grace for each other), but your genuine growing relationship with Jesus is evident in the choices you are making daily and the good ‘fruit’ you bear. I admire your character and integrity. You are maturing beautifully and wise beyond your years. You are so funny that I find myself laughing out loud when I’m alone, remembering of something you said or did. And your heart is gold. I love you to the moon and back. #lovemom Ps. Did I mention I was proud of you?”

Lamar Odom was a guest on BET’s “The Mancave” and, of course, they were asking him about Khloe Kardashian. Lamar said that even though he’s still has his “shorty’s” initials tattooed on him, he does realize that it’s over with her. He said, “When she was with her second or third NBA ballplayer, I could see that.” Sounds a little bitter, but when they asked about Khloe expecting her first baby with Tristan Thompson, Lamar couldn’t have been nicer. He said, “I’m happy for her! She took care of me. She’ll be a good mother, for real. She’s a great woman.” But Kim Kardashian didn’t hear that last part, I guess. She just saw somebody tweet Lamar’s dis about knowing it was over after that second or third NBA ballplayer, and clapped back, “Or second or third brothel.” Lamar’s probably not even mad with her for that. But speaking of Kim, everyone is trying to guess what she and Kanye have named their new baby girl. They still haven’t said anything, but when Kim posted a picture of the Louis Vuitton logo without explanation, people started speculating that she was hinting at the baby name. The most logical guess, to me, is Elle V. The initials of Louis Vuitton are L and V and when you spell out the letter “L” you get Elle and “V” is also the Roman numeral for the number 5 and baby makes 5 for Kim and Kanye’s family. Plus, look at the initials of their other children — North and Saint. With baby Elle, you’d have NW, SW and EW. But Kim responded that we’re all being ridiculous. She was just congratulating designer Kim Jones for his last menswear show with Louis Vuitton.


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