Kim Kardashian rushed from airport to hospital

Shia Lebouf fires back at Alec Baldwin…Jessica Simpson ‘accidently’ reveals the sex of her baby….and why was Kim Kardashian rushing to the hospital in tears?

Alec Baldwin said that perhaps his now former “Orphans” co-star Shia LaBeouf wasn’t cut out for Broadway. Stage actin’ is way different from that movie actin’, ain’t that right, Alec! Shia decided to go back on Twitter to address the situation, posting an email sent to him by director Dan Sullivan when Shia was still part of the play. It said, “Don’t be too surprised if Alec doesn’t look up from his script much for the first few days. I suspect he’s not nearly as prepared as you are. Not unusual at all when actors have a good long rehearsal time like we have. I just don’t want it to throw you. I did a reading of another play once with Alec and about 10 minutes in I thought, ‘Oh, I guess he’s just going to read it.'” Shia also posted some emails between him and Alec. Alec said he was feeling tired and Shia wrote, “I don’t get tired. I’m 26, chief.” Alec wrote back, “Listen, boy. I’m not your (BLANKING) chief. You got that? Ha. Hahahahaha. Let’s go.”

Just like last year, Jessica Simpson went back on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show to promote the new season of “Fashion Star.” And just like last year, Jessica is pregnant, this time with her second child. When Jimmy asked if her second pregnancy was any different, she said yes, she’s been throwing up a lot this time around. And then she blurted out, “The crazy thing is I never knew a wiener could make me nauseous.” And since Jimmy nor the audience apparently got was she was saying, she explained, “Well, I guess I just told the world that I’m having a boy! I can’t believe I just did that. That was not planned Or was it? She sure did repeat it a lot. And then just to make sure everybody tuned in that night to see her “slip up,” Jessica tweeted, “Accidental announcement tonight on @jimmykimmel.”

Justin Bieber has been getting beat up in the press lately. And that can be very frustrating. So Justin decided to vent his frustrations in a ten-minute Twitter lecture. He started with, “rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less.” He then went on to say how he understands that creating fake stories to sell papers is part of the job, but why can’t they mention something positive sometimes? And what about him showing up to his hotel shirtless? Did they ever consider he might have been sweaty from performing and not partying at a club? And why can’t he go to a club anyway? He’s 19 and he IS in Europe, where that’s of legal age. And what’s up with them saying that every girl he stands next to his his girlfriend. They’re just STANDING. Justin tweeted, “I understand it is part of the job to be judge, but judge me on the facts, judge me on the music, and be careful of the judgment you pass. But know this,i’m only judged by one power, and i serve him.” Yeah, he said it! And then he promised us all:  “I will continue being me. i will continue to serve, to perform, to care, to love, to smile, to dance, to play, to sing.”

Miley Cyrus is very upset about the rumors that her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, cheated on her with January Jones, causing her to call off her engagement. She tweeted, “I’m so sick of La. And sick of the lies that come with it. I didn’t call off my wedding.” Then she said it — “Taking a break from social media. #draining.” How could she do that to us??? Apparently, 2 hours is break enough, because she logged back on and tweeted:  “my new music is gonna shut everyone up.” Oh, yeah it is, Miley! And then she vowed, “not discussing anything but my music from now on.” Oh.

Kim Kardashian made a really quick trip from LA to Paris, flying out Sunday to join Kanye West for Fashion Week and then hopping on a plane back to LA on Tuesday. But on that flight home, Kim started feeling very sick, and by the time she landed, she was in tears, convinced she was having a miscarriage. She rushed straight to the doctor as soon as she landed, and thankfully, the doctor said the baby is okay. However, he did warn her that she’s going to have to slow down because she’s working and exercising too much. Kim’s due to deliver in July.

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