Kim Kardashian’s divorce drama prompts late night doctor visit

Saturday Night Live manages to tick off an entire country…Is Kim Kardashian’s divorce drama causing her health problems? …and did Chris Brown falsify court documents?

Saturday Night Live has managed to tick off an entire country! Officials in Thailand have demanded that YouTube take down the SNL sketch they did about these creepy guys using Rosetta Stone to learn how to speak Thai so they could take a vacation there for sleazy hookups. Basically, they’re learning how to say “How much?” and “Is that for the whole night?” and “Pingpong ball!” in Thai. Pingpong ball?? The Thai Culture Minister doesn’t see the humor in it. The Thai government is also informing the US Embassy that the skit is tarnishing Thailand’s image and they want this to go away. No comment yet from SNL.

 Madonna is planning to auction off items from her record-breaking MDNA tour, with the proceeds benefiting Hurricane Sandy victims. Some of the items will include her majorette costume and props from the stage — but not the gun she used in her performances.

Kris Humphries says it’s not his fault his wife is pregnant with another man’s baby. And he just filed the legal papers saying his efforts to get an annulment and Kim Kardashian’s efforts to get a divorce shouldn’t be sped up just because Kim got knocked up. Meantime, Kim is so stressed about the situation that she started experiencing pains and called her doctor in the middle of the night to come out to her house. Her attorney, Laura Wasser, is going to do whatever she can to get this trial started in March. Kim’s baby is due in July.

 Tina Simpson is so mad at Papa Joe that she could spit! A source says Tina has tried to reach a settlement with her estranged husband, offering him $100 million of the $300 million fortune she’s made as a partner in her daughter Jessica’s clothing line. But Joe wants more. And just to tick her off, Joe reportedly went down to Cabo San Lucas for a no-expenses-spared trip, spending $300K he took from their joint bank account.

TMZ is reporting that the LA County DA has filed legal papers claiming that Chris Brown violated the terms of his probation by turning in falsified community service records. He thinks Chris lied about completing more than 180 days of community service, and there was no way Chris could’ve performed all the hours he claimed because he was out of the country performing shows at the time he was supposed to be picking up trash and painting fences. Chris is due in court today for a progress report.

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