Kristin Chenoweth Hurt On Set

Florence and The Machine have had to cancel a couple of their concerts in Europe because Florence lost her voice. This is more than just a simple case of laryngitis. Florence Welch says she was singing and felt something snap. How scary is that?? So doctors told her to zip it for a week to avoid permanent damage.

Is history about to repeat itself? Demi Moore was estranged from her mother for YEARS, only to reconcile briefly before her mother died from cancer in 1998. And now, Demi’s daughters reportedly have cut off all contact with their mom because they have had it with mama’s drama. A source says neither Scout, Rumor nor Tallulah will return Demi’s texts, emails or phone calls because they believe Demi’s going to relapse and end up back in rehab. They simply don’t want to deal with the stress.

Heidi Klum is livid with Seal’s recent parenting decision, and she may use it against him when the couple hashes out their divorce and child custody agreement. Reportedly, Seal had the kids with him on a trip to Sydney. Seal was in a party mood, so he invited a couple of women in the hotel lobby to come up to his penthouse suite…….and his kids were sleeping in the next room!! Sources say these two women were so star-struck by Seal’s invitation that they ditched their boyfriends in the lobby. When the girls didn’t come back down, the guys started getting angry and caused such a scene that security got the women to come back down.

How much are magazines willing to pay for the first photo of Penelope Scotland Disick? Apparently, not that much. Gone are the days of multi-million dollar celebrity baby photo offers. One magazine editors says Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick will be lucky to get $20K for the first photo of their shiny new Penny. He did say, though, that if this was KIM Kardashian’s baby, it’d be a whole different story…..

Kristin Chenoweth could’ve died. Seriously. In fact, some people thought she did! Kristin was filming a scene for “The Good Wife” on an outdoor set in Brooklyn when a gust of wind blew some lighting equipment down on top of her head. Kristin fell to the ground, hitting her head on the pavement. When she didn’t move, some people thought she might be dead, but it turns out she was just unconscious. Kristin was put in a neck brace and loaded into an ambulance. The studio says she was being treated for minor injuries.