LeAnn Rimes’ reality show with a twist

American Idol judges are dropping like flies…Leann Rimes will have a reality show that’s not reality….and does J.Lo’s boy toy have a jealous streak? Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5!

Before “American Idol” producers could announce they were clearing out the judges’ panel, Mariah Carey beat them to the punch. That way, she can say, “You didn’t fire me! I QUIT!!” And then a couple hours after Mariah announced she was one and done, Nicki Minaj tweeted her own announcement, that even though “Idol” was a “life changing experience,” it’s time for her to move on and concentrate on her music. Randy Jackson already announced he wasn’t coming back. Still not a peep out of Keith Urban.

LeAnn Rimes says everyone is SO interested in her life with Eddie Cibrian, but none of us really know anything.  She says we all believe what we read in the tabloids, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why she and Eddie are going to do their own reality show. Except it will be scripted. So how real can scripted be? But LeAnn says, “We want to be able to take control of our lives again, so we want to do a show about us about our lives but scripted.”

Jennifer Lopez sure does love her some Pitbull! Or does she LOVE her some Pitbull.Sources say Casper Smart thinks Jennifer is digging Pitbull maybe a little too much. He even confronted her, asking if the two of them were having an affair. Jennifer only laughed at him. Casper demanded that she not spend so much time with Pitbull anymore. She only laughed harder. But sources say Casper is even started to act more like Pitbull, thinking Jennifer must like that. But apparently, she thinks it just makes him look desperate.

Janet Jackson is known to have an issue with germs, but it may have crossed over into compulsiveness. She was sitting in first-class on a British Airways flight from London to LA last week when she started cleaning. The other first-classers — including Victoria Beckham — watched as Janet pulled out her anti-bacterial spray and tissues, and started wiping down the window, the wall next to her, her seat, her tray table, her phone….And she kept at it for a full 40 minutes!!

Yesterday I told you that Zach Galifinakis backed out of a press conference for “The Hangover III” because it was set at the top of a mountain in Brazil and the only way to get up there was by cable car. Apparently, Zach has a paralyzing fear of heights and just couldn’t force himself to get on that cable car. But the media over there Zach’s absence may have had more to do with Bradley Cooper than his fear of heights. Bradley reportedly has been acting like a complete diva, ignoring fans and answering reporters with brief, unenthusiastic responses. Zach reportedly has been avoiding him as much as possible, hanging out with costar Ken Jeong instead.

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