Lip syncing the National Anthem: Where’s the scandal?

Shakira is a new mommy and apparently a cougar too…Lindsay Lohan gets dumped…and Jennifer Lopez and LeAnn Rimes got Beyonce’s back!

Shakira is a new mom! She gave birth last night to a little boy named Milan, who weighed in at 6 lbs., 6 oz. Baby daddy is soccer star Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona. And who knew the woman who sings like a goat is actually a cougar?? Shakira is 35 and Gerard is 25!

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb are still engaged, but things are so volatile between them that they’ve started couples counseling. Maybe it was her ultimatum to him after that NYE fight in Miami that left her with a torn dress and got him tossed out on his rear. The next day, they were all smiles for the paparazzi, but they vowed that as soon as they got back to LA, they would get into couples therapy. The first session was actually over the phone. Is that how celebrities do therapy? But a source says that so far, so good.

Lindsay Lohan fired her attorney Shawn Holley as she was on her way to the courthouse to work out yet another plea bargain for her, but Lindsay had a quick change of heart. She told Shawn that she made a huge mistake and begged her to stay on as her attorney, but Shawn says enough is enough. She’s filed the paperwork and is getting all the necessary signatures to withdraw as Lindsay’s attorney. Lindsay is due back in court on January 30. At this point, her only representation is this shady NY lawyer named Mark Heller, who isn’t licensed to practice in California.

President Obama and his wife Michelle really enjoyed themselves at the inauguration ball held at the White House. Word is, the president was doing a “Gangnam Style” dance off with Usher! Usher threw down some Michael Jackson moves and won that contest. President Obama led a conga line around the East Room. Michelle led the ladies when the DJ put on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. The President and the First Lady were even doing the Electric Slide until after 3 in the morning. One source said pick any party you’ve ever been to and this was a thousand times better. In fact, the only people not dancing at this party were Bill Clinton and John Kerry.

We all know how fired up Kidd is about Beyonce lip-synching her way through the National Anthem — flawlessly lip-synching, I might add. But how do other performers feel about it? The only two singers on talk show couches last night were LeAnn Rimes and Jennifer Lopez, and both of them had Beyonce’s back. LeAnn told Jimmy Kimmel that sometimes people will ask a performer to lip synch and sometimes, they won’t let you perform UNLESS you agree to lip synch because they want to control the outcome. And Jennifer told Jon Stewart that you have to pre-record and lip-synch in certain venues because the slapback is so bad.

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