We asked you to post a picture or memory you have with Big Al Mack and to hashtag it #BAM20. Check them out and share more below!

Ryan Lane – There are so many to choice from. My top Big Al Mac moment are: 2. Big Al Mack, Kellie Rasberry, and banana fuss. And #1. Big Al Mack Celebrity Girlfriend: Millie Jackson.

Diana Luis – “Lord, be safe.”

Joey Salazar – Those moments that Kidd sent Al on back in the day (the library turkey among others) that were brought up weeks ago.

Angel – The confusion surrounding the name of Character Stereotype Destroyer Man!

Lindsay Martinez – I still laugh when I hear the clip of him saying “not good” when one of his bits failed and his failed parody I Don’t Grunt Like You. Oh my gosh I cried from laughing so hard!

Angela Biera – When Big All sang to Xavier on the roller coaster on our Kidd’s kids trip made Xavier’s. He thought is was so funny.

Keyona Monique – You guys have to replay the bench story and Al’s proposal fail!

Misty Bass – Oh man there are so many memories but the one that I always think of and still makes me laugh is when for some reason or another you dropped a book on Kidd Kraddick’s head. I have been listening since the “boogaloo” and “have a great circus” days. So many awesome memories.


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