Love Letters: The Cat Lady, Only Kisses, Lazy Husbands

Dear Kellie, you are the love expert…

I just started dating this new girl. She’s beautiful, she’s witty, she’s perfect… Almost. I knew she was a cat lady but I didn’t realize how much she catered her feline friends. I stopped by her house a little early to pick her up for a date and I caught her in the act… She was walking one of her cats outside on a leash while carrying another one in a baby bjorn. I still took her on the date but I couldn’t shake the kitty images from my head. I told my mom that I wanna dump her but my mom begged me not to. She said that I will never find ‘the one’ if I’m too particular, but I think her kitty-behavior is a deal breaker… What do you think?

– Steven
Dear Kellie, you are the love expert…

My girlfriend is addicted to kissing. She always wants to kiss and that’s it. I feel like after being together for 7 months now, we should be beyond kissing. She says that she’s scared that going any further might cheapen our relationship, so I need to convince her that it will make it stronger. Any words of wisdom, Kellie?

– Chad
Dear Kellie, you are the love expert…

Is it too much if I expect my husband to do something? Anything? I’m tired of being the only one wearing the pants in the relationship. I pay the bills, clean the house, cook dinner, plan any dates, vacations. I told my husband that I would like him to participate in our lives but he just says that since I’m the breadwinner, it’s my responsibility to handle the household. What do you think? Is this a one sided deal? Is everything up to me? How can I get my husband to help out?

– Margaret
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