Marriage, Vows and Splitsville

Who went home on Dancing With The Stars? World War Z was drama central, Jennifer Aniston wedding update, a celebrity couple renews their vows and is Blake and Miranda Shelton’s marriage in trouble?

SPOILER ALERT: You may have thought there was some conspiracy to keep Andy Dick on “Dancing with the Stars.” Even though he consistently scored in the bottom, Andy survived week after week after week. But finally, it was time for Andy to go home last night. He was very emotional when he was saying goodbye, acknowledging how amazing it was for him to be there on week seven.

Brad Pitt‘s movie “World War Z” has been his own personal nightmare. His pet project has been nothing but drama. According to a “Vanity Fair” cover story, Brad pushed for the movie have R-rated violence, while the movie studio insisted on keeping it PG-13. It was rumored that Brad stopped speaking to the director at one point. And when it was time to watch the director’s cut, the room was completely silent. The ending was so bad that they had to reshoot it. Brad called in one of the creator’s of “Lost” to fix it. The movie’s budget ballooned to around $200 million. Reportedly, the movie will have to take in $400 million just to break even.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly pushed back her wedding date to avoid overlapping with Brad Pitt’s wedding to Angelina Jolie, which is rumored to happen sometime this summer. According to “Us Weekly,” Jennifer initially considered moving up her wedding date up so she could beat Brad and Angie down the aisle, but Justin Thoreau reportedly got weirded out when she started rushing things. So the wedding is on hold until Brad and Angie make their move.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renew their wedding vows every year on their anniversary. For their fourth anniversary last year, they had a ceremony at the top of the Eiffel Tower. How does Mariah top that for anniversary #5? By shutting down Disneyland. Mariah did the whole princess thing, complete with a huge gown and a diamond tiara. She arrived by horse-drawn, pumpkin-shaped carriage to meet her groom in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. And yes, Nick Cannon happily played his role, dressed up just like Prince Charming. Their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, were dressed like a little prince and princess, too. Mariah was tweeting all about it, because she loves to share stuff like this with all her “lambs.” She posted lots of Vine videos, too, if you want to check those out.

Even though they continue to deny anything is wrong, the rumors about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s marriage being in trouble just won’t stop. “The National Enquirer” is reporting that their busy schedules keep them apart most of the time, which only makes Miranda feel more insecure and suspicious. So Blake asked Miranda to be his co-mentor on “The Voice,” but she said she was too busy. Hey! He tried! So he asked Sheryl Crow. Now “Star” magazine is reporting that Sheryl’s been texting and calling Blake during off-hours to discuss the contestants, and Miranda is livid. She chewed Blake out, but he told her she needs to chill out and trust him.

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