I was super excited about getting to spend some QT with my rooms last night because she’s been super busy all week and my mom was in town. Just as I was prepping for her to get home from work, something better comes along, for HER of course. Holly gets invited to sit on the floor at the Mavs playoff game and that meant I was looking at a night of fun. Not really, that meant I was looking at a night of eating brownies alone… and putting on a sexy facemask as you can see in this photo.

It was nice to spend some face time with my main man musface killah with it being his birthday and all. I’m really not quite sure when my dog’s actual birthday is which makes me feel like a terrible dog owner, so I’ve just estimated and chosen a day. I bought Maximus a little less that 8 years ago from the side of the interstate, out of the back of a van on the south side of Chicago somewhere. The paperwork for him was definitely sketch and it said he came from a line of westminster award winning dogs. I call foul on that one. There is no way a champion bloodline pug is being sold out of the back of a van with tons of other breeds. I’m just glad he made it to 8 years. He easily could have had the mange, or doggie aids. But no he’s still kickin and I think that puts him at about 8 years old. Perhaps he’s just a ewok and I was really duped.