Miley is Being Cheated On? And Did Some Bieber Roast Jokes Go Too Far?

Kellie Rasberry breaks down the top stories of the day including news that Joel Madden might have committed Statutory Rape. And what jokes went too far that they had to be edited from the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber? And is Patrick Schwarzenegger cheating on Miley? Hear or read about it below!

In a new interview with “Cosmopolitan” magazine, Hilary Duff suggests that she lost her virginity to Joel Madden. Here’s the thing: They started dating when she was 15 and he was 25! And when Cosmo asked when she lost her V-card, she said, “I had a 26-year-old boyfriend. So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”

Jokes at celebrity roasts typically cross the line. But the jokes about Paul Walker were so tacky, Comedy Central has decided to edit all of them out of the telecast on March 30. Ludacris reportedly was deeply upset over the jokes about the death of his “Fast and Furious” co-star, especially when Jeff Ross used one of his song titles for a joke: “‘Move bitch, get out of the way!’ is what Paul Walker should’ve told that tree. Too soon? Too fast? Too furious?” And Pete Davidson said, “Just this past year, Justin got arrested for drag racing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t with Paul Walker.” Yeah… way too far. What? He’s doing great! He’s got a movie coming out!” A Comedy Central rep said, “Roasts often push the limits of good taste . . . Sometimes the line is discovered by crossing it. The Paul Walker references will not be in the telecast.”

After he was roasted mercilessly in LA, Justin Bieber hopped on a private plane and flew to Vegas to continue celebrating his 21st birthday. Justin was actually paid $500K to host his birthday bash at Omnia, and then he kept the party going in his suite at the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace until 7am. One of his party people told “Page Six” that David Arquette got a little too out of control. The source said he was “pretty messed up” by the time the after-party kicked off in Justin’s suite and was opening talking about the Biebs behind his back. Justin found out what David had been saying and had him tossed out of his suite. Somehow, David managed to get back in and rushed at Justin. The witness says there was a confrontation, but some guests separated them and David was kicked out again for good.

Scott Disick has checked into a rehab facility in Costa Rica to be treated for alcoholism. The treatment reportedly involves the Iboga plant, which is said to help battle addiction. Before he checked in, Scott enjoyed one last boozy weekend in Atlantic City where he went on a drunken rant in a club and was found stumbling around barefoot in his hotel lobby.

Congratulations, Maria Shriver! It looks like your dream may finally be coming true! Patrick Schwarzenegger denies he cheated on his girlfriend Miley Cyrus, but the pictures sure tell a different story! He was on spring break in Cabo hanging out with a mystery brunette. The two were photographed hanging all over each other and he even took a body shot off of her! But Patrick tweeted, “Omg. It’s one of my best friends girlfriend…” He also tweeted that he would “NEVER do anything against” Miley. So far, she’s had no comment but sources say she is NOT happy about the photos.