What else is there to do when you get lonely than go out and have drinks with friends?! Paying for that one today, but I have been sitting at home alone all week long and it came time to just pretend that Thursday was Friday. I took Holly to the airport a week ago for her 2 week San Fran trip and we haven’t spoken since. My heart hurts and I am struggling without my life partner. Being the trusting and honest person she is, Holly let some weird man in a pink bow tie borrow her cell phone to do a magic trick and boom…he took it. Of course he took it. It’s the magic trick. Now she has no cell phone because she is too thrifty to get another right away and to top it off, she’s camping in the mountains. How am I supposed to fill her in on all the things I haven’t been doing?! I literally feel like I’m missing a limb. Ok, is that dramatic enough?

My friend told me at dinner last night that my dog is ready to die. How can those words leave someone’s mouth? Of course this is coming from a non dog owner, but he turned to me and said, “You know, within the next year Max is probably going to be so happy to just finally die. His life must be so boring that 10 years old is just enough time to live and be over his life”. I got a little mad…not really. I did find myself defending Maximus’ life and arguing that he loves his life and definitely has the will to live for many more years. Doesn’t everyone think dogs have great lives? Minus those puppy mill ones of course. I am going to start treating him to a better life since he may die soon according to my friends. I’m thinking more baths, massages, mohawks, doggie parks, out of town trips, and of course I’m still trying to find him a pair of jean shorts.