There’s something for everyone on the big screen with new movies hitting the theaters this weekend: Warm Bodies, Bullet to the Head and Stand Up Guys. Watch trailers and see how they scoring on Rotten Tomatotes.

Warm Bodies

In “Warm Bodies” a zombie, played by Nicholas Hoult, falls into a relationship with a girl (Teresa Palmer) whose father is a military leader in charge of eradicating the walking dead. The two build a bridge between the zombie world and the real world, which causes those on both sides to believe that nothing will ever be the same again. The movie is based on the novel written by Isaac Marion.

  “Warm Bodies” got 82% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Bullet to the Head

Hitman, Sylvester Stallone and a New York cop team up to get revenge on the people who murdered their partners. While on their journey through New Orleans, they undercover a conspiracy. Kang Sung and Jason Momoa co-star in the film.

  “Bullet to the Head” got 48% on Rotten Tomatoes



Stand Up Guys

“Stand Up Guys” staring , Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin is about three guys who used to be gangsters. When Val(Picino) gets out of prison, Doc(Walken) is there to pick him up, and the three guys go out to have one last night together. But one of them has to kill Val before the morning, causing the group to put their loyalty to the test. Julianna Margulies also stars in the movie.

  “Stand Up Guys” got 41% on Rotten Tomatoes


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