One of John Travolta’s masseurs isn’t going away quietly like the others…

Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher for $5 million…Justin Bieber’s mom wants Selena Gomez back…and one of John Travolta’s massage therapists could start making waves really soon.

Some sneaky thieves managed to grab a box of backstage passes to Maxim’s pre-Super Bowl party and scalp them for thousands of dollars. There were about 100 passes in that box, too, so these guys made some serious bank. But Maxim workers realized what happened, so they hustled to have brand new and completely different VIP passes printed up. So when people showed up with the originals, they were turned away. Who did they miss partying with? The REAL VIPs — Jeremy Piven, Guy Fieri, Terrell Owens, Hayden Panettiere and Anthony Anderson.

So! Who will be the halftime performer at next year’s Super Bowl? Probably no one. Next year’s Super Bowl is set for Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey and it’s not an enclosed stadium!! According to the New York Post, temperatures could potentially be FRIGID, making it not only too cold for a performance, but also for the crews who have to assemble and disassemble a stage in record time. A source says the NFL is freaking out already because they’ve never done a cold-weather Super Bowl. In fact, they’ve already put massive amounts of rock salt and snow plows on reserve.

Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher for $5 million. Bill was a guest on The Tonight Show and Jay Leno asked him about his ongoing feud with The Donald. Bill said he hoped it wasn’t true, but he believes that Donald was conceived after his mother had relations with an orangutan. And he said that unless Donald came forward with proof otherwise, he was willing to offer $5 million to Donald, who could donate it to any charity of his choice. So Donald’s lawyers sent Bill his birth certificate proving he’s the son of Fred Trump – not an orangutan, by the way – and demanded $5 million ASAP. When Bill refused to pay, Donald sued, claiming that he was depriving five charities of millions of dollars in donations.

 Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie, is doing what she can behind the scenes to get her son back with Selena Gomez. Pattie believes that Selena is a good influence on her baby boy and will get him back on track. A source told, though, that Selena doesn’t want to associate with the crowd Justin’s been hanging out with lately. So I guess it’s between Selena and Lil Twist, and for right now, Justin’s sticking with Lil Twist

Whatever happened to all those male masseurs who were suing John Travolta for sexual assault? Those all quietly went away, didn’t they? But one man who refuses to be silenced is Fabian Zanzi! He was working on that Royal Caribbean cruise back in 2009 when — he claims — John asked him for a neck rub and then dropped his robe and propositioned him all naked and stuff. When Fabian said no, he claims John offered him $12K to keep quiet. Apparently, John’s attorneys reached some agreement with the cruise line, but a federal judge says that agreement didn’t include Fabian. So he’s free to sue! Unless, of course, he’s able to reach an out-of-court settlement with John and his legal team.

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