Paris Jackson hospitalized after suicide attempt

Bachelor Sean Lowe is sticking to his guns…Will Kanye be a no-show in the delivery room?…Nicole Ritchie shames a paparazzo…and a cry for help from Michael Jackon’s daughter Paris.

After he wrapped up his stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici decided to move in together to save a little money as they plan their wedding. But remember that part about Sean being a born-again virgin and how he plans to stay that way until their wedding night? Yeah. Well, a source told “Life & Style” magazine that Sean and Catherine are sticking to that, and that they’ve got separate bedrooms.

“In Touch” is reporting that Kanye West doesn’t want to be in the delivery room when Kim Kardashian delivers their baby girl, and she’s very upset about it. But a source says Kanye is very squeamish and doesn’t want to be around blood. But Kanye may not even be in the hospital AT ALL when the baby is born because the baby’s due about the same time his new CD comes out. A source says Kim plans to take the baby and go on tour with Kanye, but pssht. About two weeks of that and she’ll be high-tailing it back to her mama’s house.

Two of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards are being investigated for alleged battery. Justin has been vacationing in Miami ahead of the summer leg of his world tour. TMZ is reporting that he was doing a little skateboarding when some paparazzo started taking pictures. According to that photographer, Justin’s two bodyguards came up to him and took the memory card out of his camera. But that’s when one of the bodyguards started choking him. He filed a police report, which is now being reviewed by the State Attorney’s office to see if charges will be filed.

Nicole Richie was so disgusted by the behavior of one paparazzo that she decided to shame him on the internet. Nicole watched as a photographer carrying his kid in one arm was trying to take pictures of her with the other. He was having so much trouble juggling both that he decided to DROP HIS KID so he could get a better picture. Nicole was livid! She posted his picture on Instagram and captioned it,  “This paparazzi dragged his poor, sweet little girl on my plane from NYC to LA. As he ran her off the plane, he dropped her ON THE FLOOR of LAX as she laid there, crying her eyes out. Just to get his shot. #Heartbreaking #FatherOfTheYear.”

Paris Jackson is still hospitalized after a suicide attempt early Wednesday morning. Paris reportedly called a suicide prevention hotline before she swallowed 20 ibuprofen and cut her wrist with a kitchen knife. A source told “People” that Paris has been very depressed for a while, throwing temper tantrums and cutting herself. But another source told TMZ that this was not a legitimate suicide attempt and that Paris is “into the drama.”

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