Reese Witherspoon gets arrested!

Tara Reid gets in a fight, The Voice hates whistles, Amanda Bynes is still on the crazy train, Justin and Selena together again and Reese Witherspoon gets arrested!

Don’t you know who Tara Reid is?! Well, neither did the people working at the All Saints clothing store in LA. Tara wanted something new and cute to wear to weekend number two of Coachella, so she went to All Saints. According to Tara, she gets a huge discount at the All Saints locations in the UK and Paris, so she expected the same discount in LA. In fact, she demanded it. When the store refused, Tara reportedly went off on the employees. Security had to escort Tara from the premises. The employees suspected she was drunk, as well. But Tara’s rep is denying she was drunk and they say she wasn’t kicked out, either.

Here are a couple of tips those who may find themselves lucky enough to sit in the audience of “The Voice” someday: Don’t be obnoxious and don’t bring a whistle. A woman who is apparently a HUGE Usher fan was in the audience for Thursday’s taping and kept yelling for Usher’s attention. When that didn’t work, she started blowing her whistle and kept pointing at Usher yelling, “I want you!!” over and over again. Security asked her to stop, but she refused because, obviously, her plan to win Usher was working. She ended up getting kicked out of the building.

Amanda Bynes has threatened to sue “Us Weekly” for writing another false story about her being crazy. She tweeted that all trash magazines should contact her personally to find out if stories from their “supposed sources” are true. Then she referred to Us’ “ugly Asian editor and all the ugly women” she met when she did a shoot with the magazine a while back. So now Amanda is accused of being a crazy racist.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back on. She flew in to Oslo, Norway, last Thursday night, landing right when he was about to go on stage. Apparently, her sole intention for this trip was to hook up with Justin. Sources say it looks like they are very much back together, holding hands and kissing. Justin even posted a picture on his Instagram of them looking awfully cozy. He deleted it a short time later, but not before tons of people could grab it.

Reese Witherspoon is in Georgia filming her new movie “The Good Lie.” Apparently, she and her hubby Jim Toth had just enjoyed a fun evening together when Jim was pulled over in Atlanta for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Reese is accused of getting a little feisty. The officer says she was hanging out the window, accusing him of not being a real cop. Then she said something to the effect of, “Do you know my name? Well, you’re about to find out who I am.” She was arrested for disorderly conduct. Reese has since issued a statement saying she’s “deeply embarrassed” by her behavior and that she has nothing but respect for the police.

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