Rihanna not pregnant!

X-Factor makes it official, Kanye West makes it back to the states, Miranda dishes it back to Blake, Rihanna breaks records and Reese cancels appearances.

Is this deja vu or just official? I thought we already knew that Khloe Kardashian was fired from hosting “The X Factor” months ago, but now it’s officially official. And just like we heard before, Mario Lopez will handle hosting duties all by his lonesome. Sources told RadarOnline.com that the Kris Jenner thinks producers got this all wrong because — in her opinion — Khloe wasn’t the problem. MARIO was the problem. He had zero chemistry with Khloe and she thought producers should replace him with another one of her daughters.

Kanye West must’ve decided he was looking REALLY bad because he dropped some cash to fly into NY yesterday to visit with his baby mama, Kim Kardashian. Sources say the reason he’s been holed up in Paris all this time is because he doesn’t want to be on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Being out of the country makes that happen. Sources told RadarOnline.com that Kanye believes being on the show would be bad for his brand. He also thinks it’s bad for Kim’s brand and he’s been trying to get her to leave the show when her contract is up so she can focus on her fashion line and acting career.

Sources say Blake Shelton wanted his wife Miranda Lambert to be his celebrity mentoring partner on “The Voice” but she said no. She’s too busy with her own career, thank you very much. A source says this is only causing more drama in their troubled marriage. Things have been real dicey between Blake and Miranda ever since she busted him for flirting a little too hard on Twitter with Cady Groves. A source says Miranda decided to give Blake a taste of his own medicine and that she’s been flirting with some of the guys on her tour, including the couple’s good friend, Luke Bryan. But sources say Miranda has never been real secure in her relationship with Blake because the two of them got together when he was still married to his first wife.

Rihanna has been canceling concerts left and right because she’s sick, or so she says. There were rumors flying around that it’s because she’s pregnant. Well, she wasn’t partying like she’s sick OR pregnant on Saturday night. A$AP Rocky was hosting an after-concert party at a club in Fort Lauderdale and Rihanna showed up. Sources say she was ordering bottles and bottles of champagne, and then the whole group headed over to the strip club. Maybe she was celebrating the fact that her song “Stay” just hit number one on the Billboard charts, making that her tenth number one single and setting a new Billboard record.

After her husband was arrested for suspicion of DUI and she was arrested for disorderly conduct, Reese Witherspoon showed up for the red carpet premiere of her new movie “Mud.” But all she did was pose for a few pictures. She rushed into the theater without granting any interviews. And Reese has since canceled scheduled interviews with “Good Morning America” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” She and hubby Jim Toth are scheduled to appear in an Atlanta courtroom on May 22. Now Jim calls himself a social drinker, but in light of his arrest, he’s taking a second look at that. Does he have a drinking problem? Should he go to rehab?

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