Robert Pattinson moves out of home he shares with Kristen Stewart!

He may be chilling in a jail cell, but that didn’t stop Floyd Mayweather from throwing a birthday party for his fiancee, Shantal Jackson. Floyd is serving 3 months for beating up an ex-girlfriend, but he was still able to write the check to pay for 10 people to have a fabulous birthday dinner in Shantal’s honor at N9ne Steakhouse at the Palms Casino in Vegas. Floyd also ordered the birthday cake shaped like a $30K alligator Balenciaga bag. You KNOW Shantal was thinking that was a clue for what she was getting for her big present! But in absentia, Floyd gave his lady a diamond watch, a bracelet and a ring. If you wanna see, 50 Cent took a picture and Tweeted it.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis must’ve decided that since the cat’s out of the bag, they might as well go with it. Instead of sneaking in and out separately, they showed up together for the wrap party for Ashton’s new Steve Jobs movie. A source says they’re basically living together at this point anyway and there’s only so long you can keep these things quiet.

Rihanna and Chris Brown keep sneaking around and seeing each other. Rihanna’s been vacationing in Cannes and Chris has been there shooting a music video with Ludacris and Swizz Beatz. But even though Chris brought his girlfriend Karrueche to Cannes with him, he still manages to ditch her long enough to hook up with Rihanna on his rented yacht and a dinner in Monaco.

Justin Bieber seriously needs to get his potty mouth under control because he just never knows who’s listening. On a 12-hour flight from Australia back to the US, Justin got a little loud with his entourage, throwing down F-bombs and cussing up a storm. One woman finally walked up to Justin and asked him to please stop the yelling and cursing because it was completely inappropriate. Justin reportedly was completely embarrassed and said he was sorry.

Robert Pattinson has left the building. After photos of his girlfriend Kristen Stewart making out with director Rupert Sanders hit the press, Robert called her and let her know how humiliated and devastated he was. A source says Robert’s the one who demanded that she make a public apology, which she quickly did. This source says Robert wanted the world to know that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that this was all on her. Then Robert packed his bags and moved out of the house they shared in LA.