Lots of roommate drama lately. Don’t get me wrong, Holly and I are best friends, but we have learned that we don’t see eye to eye on quite a few things. This is especially true when it comes to money. She gets overwhelmed with bills the second they come in the mail and wants to pay them immediately. I try to explain to her that sometimes the bill needs to wait until I get paid again. I never pay bills late, EVER, but sometimes they need to marinate, no? We need some roommate court to determine who is right in this situation or at least who has the best compromise. I had a blank check out for a week, waiting on Hilly Billy (that’s Holly when she’s being cheap) to determine the exact amount I need to pay for my portion of the rent. I told her specifically that it was sitting on my mantle and she could write it to herself whenever she got the amount. Instead, on Friday night when I’m out to dinner, she calls and says she needs the check right then. I am not too sure why she needs a check at 8pm on a Friday night-no banks are open. We proceeded to get into a little tiff. Mostly me telling her she needs to chill because it’s Friday and everyone should know finances and work conversations should be off limits on Friday nights. I also told her where it was and she could just write it to herself. Someone gets a little stressy stressed about bills and it’s not me:)

So I overpaid her by 200 bucks just to make things easier on her and myself for when this happens again exactly 25 days from now. Other than that things with Holly are going great. She is such a wonderful friend and now it sounds like I’m compensating for criticizing her so I’m going to stop that talk completely.

I hate to admit that I have actually been watching The Bachelor lately. I can’t figure out why I do it, for any reason other than making myself feel much better. Are girls really this crazy? Doesn’t every girl know how much guys love crying, journal reading, and creepy scrapbooks about him? jeez ladies, whatever happened to playing hard to get?

The Bachelor needs to turn into Intervention. That psychologist comes out and says, we gathered here today to talk about your neediness and desperation. Is there some kind of medication for that kind of behavior? The one lesson I have learned-not sarcastically-is that the guy will always choose the girl he wants to bang over the girl that is genuinely the best for him. Penises don’t care about compatibility or personality. I used to say I would rather be 2 points less hot and 2 points cooler or more interesting. Now I just want to focus on getting as banging as possible and screw the interesting bs.