Sage Stallone found dead with over 50 prescription bottles, Sylvester Stallone hires a private investigator

Maria Menounos. How much more can I take. That’s not a question. That’s a cry of exasperation. She made yet another bet that would involve her wearing a bikini if she lost, and guess what. She lost! Maria was doing some appearance in Malibu and, for whatever reason, Terrell Owens was there. The two of them decided to face off in a game of beach tennis and Terrell won. His prize? Watching Maria strip down to her string bikini and take a dip in the ocean. Yeah.

We’re finding out a bit more information about what happened before Jason Kidd ended up crashing his SUV into a pole. Apparently, Jason and his wife Porschla had been partying together at that nightclub SL East. Jason was having a great time, jumping on a couch…swinging from a light fixture….talking to all the ladies who kept coming up to meet him. Porschla got tired of shooing them all away and told Jason she was ready to GO. So as she drove them home, the two of them got into this huge fight because Jason wanted to keep the party going. When they got there, Porschla went inside, but Jason jumped behind the wheel and took off, eventually crashing his Escalade into a telephone pole.

So who will be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise? Sources say a plan is already in the works for Tom to marry this woman named Yolanda Pecoraro. She’s 27. She’s hot. Oh, and she’s a devout Scientologist. Apparently, she and Tom met back in 2004 at the opening of a Scientology center in Spain. They dated for a hot minute, but then he ended up marrying Katie Holmes. Sources say now Scientology leaders are doing damage control, and that even though Yolanda lives with her boyfriend in a small apartment in Silver Lake, CA, they think she’s the perfect match for Tom and they’re going to make this relationship happen.

Halle Berry was injured on the set of her movie “The Hive” last night. While filming a fight scene, Halle reportedly fell and hit her head on the concrete. An ambulance took her to Cedars Sinai, but her rep says it was just as a precaution. She was checked out and released and will continue production, as planned.

Sylvester Stallone isn’t getting the answers he needs, so he reportedly has hired a private investigator to find out how his son Sage died. Scott Ross was the lead investigator in the Chris Brown/Rihanna battery case and also in the Michael Jackson molestation case. Reportedly, Sly has known Scott for many years and trusts him completely. He wants Scott to find out exactly what happened in the weeks leading up to Sage’s death. Reportedly, more than 50 bottles of hydrocodone — the generic form of Vicodin — were found in Sage’s apartment, and most of them were empty. But these weren’t your average-sized pill bottles. These bottles were the kind you’d find in a pharmacy, and each had the capacity to hold 500 pills. Sage’s mother says he’d recently had 5 teeth pulled and she thinks he may have overdosed on pain medication.