Selena Gomez heads to Norway!

The latest American Idol to get the boot…Jennifer Aniston’s awkward run-in with an ex…Are Selena and Justin back on? And Kim K and her soon to be ex-hubby come face to face!

Her building said no cameras were allowed inside her Upper East Side co-op, so Aviva Drescher is packing up and moving to a new apartment on Park Avenue. But it might all be for nothing because Bravo hasn’t signed her up for another season of The Real Housewives of New York yet, and filming starts in three weeks! Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill have already signed on. Ramona Singer was holding out for more money, but once she realized she wasn’t going to get it, she signed on anyway. From what Page Six is reporting, LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan’s contracts are still being negotiated. Meantime, over on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” NeNe Leakes is getting her own special — “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding.” After divorcing her husband, Gregg, he managed to woo her back. Kim Zolciak turned her wedding into a series, but it looks like NeNe’s will just be a special show.

SPOILER ALERT: It came as no surprise to Janelle Arthur that she was the one going home last night. Before “American Idol” began the results show last night, she told Candice Glover backstage that she was the one going home and that the judges wouldn’t use their one save to bring her back. And she was right! As for the future, Janelle told “Entertainment Weekly” that we shouldn’t expect her to be the next Taylor Swift. Janelle said, “There’s enough pop country out there.” She says she’s sticking with her roots and keeping it on the traditional country side.

What are the odds?? Out of all the restaurants in LA, how do Jennifer Aniston and her ex-boyfriend John Mayer end up in the same place? But it happened on Wednesday. Jennifer and her fiance Justin Theroux were having a nice little dinner at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood when John walked in. Sources say it was obvious that John saw Jennifer sitting there, but they never interacted. But you just know that everything that came out of Justin’s mouth suddenly became incredibly hilarious.

Justin Bieber isn’t down in the dumps after his May 6 concert in Muscat, Oman was canceled — either for poor ticket sales or because he was just too danged sexy, depending on who you believe. That’s because Selena Gomez flew in to see him in Oslo, Norway! She landed at the airport just about the same time Justin was scheduled to begin his concert there. Sources told TMZ that the two of them have seen each other periodically since they broke up right before New Year’s Eve. And they say that Justin is “tortured” because Selena keeps sending him mixed signals.

1. is reporting that for the first time in a year and a half, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will come face-to-face in an LA courtroom today. And sources say if things go just right, these two crazy kids could work things out and never have this go to trial. A source says that all Kris wants is an apology. The source said, “He loved Kim with all of his heart, and he felt that she just trampled all over it. It’s about respect and he needs Kim to acknowledge that she had serious doubts about the marriage, even before they walked down the aisle.” So if she says she’s sorry, and if she releases a formal statement to the media saying she’s sorry, he won’t take her to court to get an annulment. He’ll give her the divorce she wants.

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