She dated Tom Cruise?? Who knew?

Johnny Depp opens up about the end of his 14 year relationship…Wyclef denies working with Amanda Bynes…and details on the sudden death of James Gandolfini.

Johnny Depp dressed as Tonto from the upcoming “Lone Ranger” movie is on the cover of “Rolling Stone.” In the accompanying article, he opens up about the breakup of his 14 year relationship with his baby mama, Vanessa Paradis. He said, “The last couple years have been a bit bumpy. At times, certainly unpleasant, but that’s the nature of breakups, I guess, especially when there are kiddies involved.” He also confessed that those tinted glasses he wears all the time aren’t for vanity’s sake, they’re prescription. Johnny says that he’s suffered with his eyesight since birth and that he’s “basically blind as a bat.”

Remember how Amanda Bynes had that top secret meeting with Wyclef Jean at a top secret recording studio to talk about collaborating on her future hip hop album? It never happened. Wyclef’s people told TMZ there was no meeting with Amanda Bynes…Wyclef has no plans on working with Amanda Bynes…In fact, Wyclef has never spoken to Amanda Bynes…

Heather Locklear was on “Chelsea Lately” earlier this week and told about the disastrous first (and only!) date she had with a young Tom Cruise! WHO KNEW??? She says he took her to a dance club and broke out into the same dance he did in “Risky Business.” The only difference was, unlike in the movie he was wearing pants. Heather said she didn’t know whether to stand there and let him dance around her or try to keep up, so she sat down. And that was her one and only date with Tom Cruise.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the executive producer of her show “The Client List.” Her baby daddy/fiance Brian Hallisay works with her on the show, but he has a much smaller role. So she told producers that if they didn’t give Brian a bigger role, she wouldn’t show up for a third season. Could “The Client List” go on without her?? As for now, the negotiations continue.

It was so sad to learn that James Gandolfini passed away during a father/son trip to Italy. He was only 51. James had a business trip planned to Sicily where he was to attend a film festival, and he decided to turn it into a celebration of his 13-year-old son Michael’s recent graduation from 8th grade. Michael is James’ son from a previous marriage, but he remained very close to his son. His current wife and baby daughter were also on this trip to Italy. But after a day out with the family, James suffered a massive heart attack in his hotel bathroom and was gone before the paramedics could arrive.

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