The 2015 Oscar Winners

Michael Phelps’ engagement… Kardashian sisters in car accident… Joan Rivers snubbed at the Oscars… Patricia Arquette’s  acceptance speech… and The 2015 Oscar Winners

Michael Phelps popped the question to his girlfriend Nicole Johnson and she said yes. He and the former Miss California 2010 dated on and off and were off when he got arrested for DUI and went to rehab. That’s right about the time Taylor Lianne Chandler came out with her story that she hooked up with Michael through Tinder and they had a steamy affair. It wasn’t until he was in rehab that Taylor sent him a message letting him know she had been born male. Taylor says she never heard back from Michael after that. But the minute he got out of rehab, he went straight back to Nicole and here we are a couple months later and they’re engaged.

Khloe Kardashian described the car accident she was in involving her sisters Kylie, Kim and baby North. The girls were on their way home from a skiing vacation in Montana and Khloe was behind the wheel when their car was hit by snow kicked up from a passing semi. With snow covering the windshield, blinded Khloe swerved and hit a patch of black ice which sent the car spinning out of control. Khloe says she finally gained control of steering but they ended up in a ditch. She said Kim was screaming and crying, but who can blame her?? Kim later tweeted, “Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe.”

A lot of people upset with the Oscars for ignoring Joan Rivers during their In Memoriam tribute last night, honoring all those related to the movie industry who died in the past year. Yes, Joan did appear in movies and she was a red carpet fixture for many, many years. Twitter was in an uproar over that one….

After winning Best Supporting Actress for “Boyhood,” Patricia Arquette used her moment in the spotlight to highlight the need for equality in the workforce. She said, “To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer of this nation. It’s our time to have wage inequality once and for all in the United States of America!” The camera cut to the audience where we saw Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez cheering her on. According to “Variety,” between June 2012 and June 2013, Hollywood’s ten highest paid actresses earned a collective $181 million.  The top ten actors earned $465 million.

Those expected to win the big acting awards took home Oscars last night — Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor for “The Theory of Everything”; Julianne Moore took home Best Actress for “Still Alice”; J.K. Simmons won Best Supporting Actor for “Whiplash”; and the aforementioned Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for “Boyhood.” The only real question was which movie would win Best Picture — “Birdman” or “Boyhood.” And the Oscar went to “Birdman.”


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