Showbiz Top 5: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx secretly dating?

From porn star to soap star — Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has a new gig…The Lakers extend a helping hand to Lamar Odom…and Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx get cozy in the Hamptons.

Farrah Abraham wants to be taken seriously as an actress, dang it. And after she sent in some home-made audition tapes to “Days of Our Lives,” Farrah got a legitimate acting gig. She’s playing a hooker named Destiny! It’s just a small part and Farrah would’ve preferred something a little bigger, but she’s happy to get her foot in the door. A source told that some of the cast and crew aren’t happy about Farrah coming on the show one bit because CLEARLY she’s not an actress and this is just a ploy to boost ratings. Meantime, Farrah reportedly is trying to finagle her way on “Dancing With the Stars.” Say whaaaaaaaaaat?????

 Joey Fatone says rumors that his marriage is over are just that — rumors. Joey has been married to Kelly Baldwin for almost ten years. reported yesterday that Joey and Kelly have been separated since February, but they’re keeping up appearances for the sake of their daughters, 12-year-old Briahna and 3-year-old Kloey. Joey says he says he’s deeply upset these rumors because they affect his kids. And while he admits marriage is a lot of work, he says that having a wife who’s not in the limelight does make it a lot easier.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were having themselves a good ol’ time at a benefit in the Hamptons last weekend. In fact, they were having SUCH a good time, that people started whispering that the two of them are secretly dating. But Katie’s rep struck that rumor down, saying that Katie and Jamie have been friends for years and that’s the extent of their relationship.

Lamar Odom isn’t on the Lakers’ roster, but! IF he goes to rehab IMMEDIATELY, the Lakers say there’s a spot waiting for Lamar once he checks out. According to a source, the Lakers’ owner and their general manager are “extremely concerned” about Lamar, and they’re hoping this will be the incentive he needs to get help. Lamar thinks he can kick his problems on his own, but the Lakers believe otherwise. The Clippers — who re-drafted Lamar for last season after his horrendous stint with the Mavericks — refused to re-sign Lamar because of his alleged addiction to OxyContin. Drug testers for the NBA took at least six samples from Lamar over the last season and many times, OxyContin showed up in his system. However, Lamar had a valid prescription, so that’s why he didn’t get tossed.

Jessica Simpson held out too long to sell her daughter Maxwell’s first photo, so this time, she didn’t pay hardball. Sources say “Us Weekly” paid Jessica about $100K for the first photos of her son, Ace Knute Johnson. You can see a lovely portrait of mommy with her two kids on this week’s cover. Apparently, Jessica has a great relationship with “Us” because they’re the ones who broke the news she was pregnant, as well as the birth and the name of the child, which we still can’t believe is Ace Knute Johnson. But it is. It really is.

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