Showbiz Top 5: Diva Alert! Kanye West wants his carpet ironed

America’s Got Talent finds their winner…Britney Spears rolls with the punches like a pro…Miley Cyrus outsmarts us all…and apparently Zac Efron is no stranger to rehab!

SPOILER ALERT:  It was the season finale of “America’s Got Talent” last night. And the big winner……………………Kenichi Ibana! He’s a Japanese dancer who can do some freaky-deaky things with his body. And you’ll be able to catch Kenichi in Vegas soon because in addition to the one million dollar prize he won a contract to headline his own show.

We can make fun of her all we want, but Miley Cyrus is outsmarting us all. For the first time ever, Miley has her first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Wrecking Ball.” She’s been stuck at number two three times before, with “The Climb,” “Party in the USA” and “We Can’t Stop.” Miley’s fourth studio album is called “Bangerz” and it’s out on October 8. is reporting that before Britney Spears agreed to sit down for an interview with “Good Morning America,” all the questions had to be pre-approved by her team. According to a source, Britney doesn’t do any interviews with any media outlets that don’t agree to their conditions. But when the cameras started rolling, Sam Champion got caught up in the moment and asked Britney an unapproved question — Who was your first kiss? Britney’s team was freaking out in the background, but you’d never know it from the way Britney handled the situation. She didn’t miss a beat! She was a complete professional! Because Britney’s back!!

Kanye West is across the pond promoting his music and was scheduled to perform on the BBC show “Later with Jools Holland.” But according to the “Daily Mail“, when Kanye showed up for rehearsals, the set wasn’t what Kanye had asked for, so he demanded the staff tear it down and rebuild it according to his original specifications. He also insisted that everything in his dressing room be white — from the walls color to the sofa to the flowers. All white. And while people behind the scenes are used to those types of demands, this is the one that really got them. Kanye thought the carpet in his dressing room was too bumpy so he asked the BBC employees to iron it for him.

Now that word is out that Zac Efron entered rehab five months ago, everybody’s digging into his business. While Zac’s reps want us all to believe he was seeking treatment for alcohol issues, TMZ reported yesterday that Zac actually had a cocaine addiction. And now they’re reporting that this wasn’t Zac’s first time in rehab. According to TMZ, Zac first went through several weeks of treatment at a private residence back in March. But as soon as he completed treatment, he started filming “Neighbors” with Seth Rogen and suffered a relapse that sent him back into outpatient treatment.

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