50 Cent’s Latest Beef

Chris Stapleton on GOT… Adele has a type… Someone posing as Jason Statham… John Singleton passed away… and 50 Cent’s latest beef

Apparently, if you want to be on “Game of Thrones,” you just have to call and ask! Or have your people call and ask. That’s what Chris Stapleton did and he ended up being in this past Sunday night’s episode. If you blinked really slowly — like for more than two seconds — you would’ve missed him. But you wouldn’t have recognized him all dressed up as a White Walker anyway. Chris said he told them, “I would gladly fly to wherever in the world just to be a small part and get to watch that show going down.” And they were gracious enough to allow him to do that. So Chris feel to Northern Ireland for his big moment. He said they knew he wasn’t an actor, so his direction was, “Basically, we’re going to place you, and when we tell you to, open your eyes.” He said he also got a crash course in learning how White Walkers are supposed to stand up and move when they’re first waking up.

If you have dreams of becoming the next Mr. Adele, start growing your beard. Apparently, Adele has a type because she was seen making out with a bearded man in New York who looks a lot like her ex-husband Simon Konecki. A source told the Sun that Adele has been on several dates with this man, who does have a big beard like Simon, but keeps it “tidier and more groomed.” The source says Adele isn’t looking for anything serious right now, but she has developed a soft spot for American boys since she’s been spending more time at her Beverly Hills mansion. She just happens to be in NYC right now working on her next album.

A British woman says she gave Jason Statham hundreds of thousands of dollars because he was in love with her. Actually, it wasn’t Jason Statham. It was a con artist pretending to be him. But he must’ve been VERY convincing. The unidentified woman says it started when “Jason Statham” contacted her directly on a Facebook fan page. She thought, “Oh, that’s nice of him, talking to his fans!” But then he continued to send her hundreds of encrypted messages on WhatsApp and convinced her that he was falling in love with her. She says he called her “honey” and “baby” and told her he loved her. She believed him. So when “Jason” told her he was in financial trouble because a movie paycheck had been delayed, she sent him money. In fact, she sent him roughly $25K over and over again until the amount totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars. . He asked her for what ended up being about $25K in installments that ended up totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars! She finally woke up and realized what was happening and contacted the police.

Director John Singleton suffered a massive stroke on April 17 and never recovered. His family made the decision to remove him from life support yesterday. He was only 51. Reportedly, John had just returned to LA from a trip to Costa Rica when he got sick and ended up in the hospital. It was there he suffered a major stroke that left him in a coma. John directed a ton of movies like “Baby Boy,” “Poetic Justice,” “Higher Learning,” “Shaft” and “2 Fast 2 Furious.” But everybody remembers John’s first — from 1991 — “Boyz n the Hood.” John wrote and directed this movie, which earned him Academy Award nominations for Best Screenplay and Best Director. He was only 24. He was the first African American and youngest person That nomination for Best Director made him the first African American and the youngest person to be nominated. In 2002 the US Library of Congress selected “Boyz n the Hood” for preservation in the National Film Registry.

50 Cent squashed one feud and it looks like he’s trying to start another. Over the weekend, 50 was threatening producer Randall Emmett to repay him the million dollars he’d loaned him six years ago. He really didn’t appreciate that Randall’s fiancee Lala Kent was bragging about how much money her man was spending on her with this big debt hanging over his head. So when Lala clapped back on Instagram, 50 basically threatening to kick Randall’s butt if he didn’t come up with his money by Monday. Randall sent 50 $250K and a bunch of apologetic text messages, including a type where he called him “Fofty” and asked him to please stop because he thought he was having a heart attack. He even sent a picture of his body covered in monitors for a stress test. 50 only reposted the text messages and told Randall he wasn’t going to die before Monday and to pay up. Only when the money was wired into his account did 50 give up the non-stop meme attack. And now? He’s moved on to Kanye! He posted a picture of Kanye wearing baggy clothes from his own label and captioned it, “👀welp now I know I’m not a style icon, 😆I’m definitely not wearing that s**t. LOL GET THE (BLANK) OUTTA HERE MAN. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #FOFTY.”

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