Showbiz Top 5: A Hollywood couple ends their 13 year marriage

Did Lindsay Lohan trade one addiction for another?…Are Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez getting back together?…and Kanye wants to debut baby North on the cover of which magazine??

 Remember when the story was going around that Soulja Boy bought himself a $55 million plane for his 21st birthday? That turned out to be a rumor. But owning a private plane would’ve prevented this recent incident…Soulja Boy was on an American Airlines flight that was preparing for takeoff when the flight attendant got on the speaker and told everyone to sit down. But Soulja Boy didn’t feel like sitting down. He felt like walking up and down the aisle. That’s when the flight attendant went up to him and told him to sit down again, and she explained exactly what would happen if he didn’t. But Soulja Boy didn’t feel like sitting down. And that’s when he was removed from the plane. He did feel bad about it later, telling TMZ, “It was a bad night and me and the flight staff didn’t see eye to eye. In hindsight, I’m extremely sorry for all inconvenience caused to the passengers and employees of the airline.”

Remember when Michael Douglas told the world he got throat cancer from doing naughty things with a woman that he didn’t identify? We all assumed he was talking about his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones. And apparently, that’s EXACTLY what Michael wanted us to think. It turns out Michael and Catherine separated last year and now, after 13 years of marriage, his battle with throat cancer and her struggle with bipolar disorder, the couple reportedly is getting a divorce.

They say addicts sometimes trade one addiction for another, and that apparently is the case for Lindsay Lohan. RadarOnline is reporting that while she was in rehab at Cliffside Malibu, Lindsay started browsing shopping websites, buying a few things here and there. But a source says Lindsay became an online shopping addict, spending $5000 a day without blinking. And the source says Lindsay was bragging that she didn’t even have to pay for any of it because some super rich guy in NYC gave her his credit card.

Before she fell into Justin Bieber’s arms, Selena Gomez was snuggled up to Nick Jonas. Remember that? Well, what a lovely coincidence that Nick and Selena were seated next to each other at the Teen Choice Awards. People seated around them said they were happily chatting and whispering into each other’s ears, but the cameras never managed to catch them in the act. Did sparks fly? Some are speculating that maybe some old feelings were rekindled between these two…

“Vogue” editor Anna Wintour famously banned the Kardashians from the Met Gala in NYC. But Kanye West pleaded with Anna to let Kim attend this year’s ball with him, and Anna relented. But when Kim showed up wearing a floral sofa and became the laughing stock of the internet, Anna immediately regretted her decision and edited Kim out of all the photos published in her magazine. In fact, Anna has a strict policy — no reality stars are allowed in the pages of “Vogue.” But! What about the cover? According to RadarOnline, Kanye knows that a photo of baby North has to be released eventually, and he’s trying to convince Anna that she should put Kim and North on the cover. Anna reportedly is “less than enthusiastic,” but Kanye isn’t known to take no for an answer.

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