Aaron Carter Debuts Face Tattoo

Box office weekend… Pete Davidson misses SNL… Spider-Man Staying in MCU… Kanye West will no longer make secular music… and Aaron Carter debuts new face tattoo

Parents gathered all their young’uns and headed to the theater this weekend. “Abominable” debuted at number one with $20.85M. And people just loved that movie about a lost baby yeti, giving it an A CinemaScore. Critics at RottenTomatoes.com were a little less generous, giving it an 80% approval rating. “Downton Abbey” slipped to second with $14.5M. Coming in third was “Hustlers” with $11.47M. As of this morning, it was too close to call fourth and fifth between “It: Chapter Two” and “Ad Astra.” Both earned roughly $10M.

Saturday Night Live kicked off season 45 this weekend with Woody Harrelson as host and Billie Eilish as his musical guest. Fans were wondering why Pete Davidson wasn’t there. A year ago, we would’ve have been worried about his mental state and fearing for his safety, but that wasn’t the case this time. Pete is in Atlanta filming the new “Suicide Squad” movie! We don’t know what part he’s playing, but yay, Pete! The movie’s director posted a picture of the cast at a special screening of “Joker.” This is the perfect example for those people who are suffering the depths of depression — IT GETS BETTER!! You just have to hang in there!

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios decided to put on their big boy pants and make this work! Marvel’s Kevin Feige will produce the third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, which will officially complete the “Homecoming” trilogy. Under the new agreement, Disney will pay 25 percent of the cost of the third Spider-Man movie in return for 25 percent of the profits, plus merchandise earnings. Disney had originally wanted a 50/50 split, but Sony said absolutely not! Spider-Man fans are obviously thrilled, but no one is more excited than Tom Holland. He celebrated by posting a clip from “Wolf of Wall Street” where Leonardo DiCaprio lets everyone know, “I’m not (BLANKING) leaving! The show goes on!”

Kanye West did not drop his new gospel album this weekend like he was scheduled to, but he did have a few listening parties. Cell phones were not allowed, but several people there said Kanye announced he was “done being an entertainer” and he would no longer make secular music. He will only make gospel music from now on. IMAX has also announced a collaboration with Kanye called “Jesus is King: A Kanye West Film.” The movie was made over the summer in Arizona’s Painted Desert. It hits theaters October 25th.

Aaron Carter posted a shirtless bathroom selfie on Saturday, showing off his new face tattoo. The tattoo looks like Medusa — a goddess from Greek mythology with snakes all over her head instead of hair. It starts around his temple and goes down to his jawline. He also has the word “love” inked under his right eye. Aaron captioned it, “IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME. #unstoppable #LMG #SilenceBreaker.” If you click the LMG hashtag, it’s a bunch of posts about light machine guns, but on his Twitter, Aaron references “Love Money Gang.” That same day, Aaron tweeted that he will never speak to his brother Nick or the rest of his family again, but said he’s doing fine.

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