Aaron Carter’s Twitter Rant

Your new AGT winner is… 6ix9ine’s testimony… Taylor Swift calls out Kanye West… Jonas Bowl celebration… and Aaron Carter’s Twitter rant

SPOILER ALERT: The winner of “America’s Got Talent” Season 14 was announced last night, and it was completely obvious from the first time he performed during the auditions that this guy was going to win so technically, this isn’t really a spoiler alert…..But congratulations to Kodi Lee! He’s the blind and autistic piano player and singer who was so inspirational that Oprah even tweeted that she was standing up and cheering in her living room! As the winner of AGT, Kodi wins a million dollars and will be a headliner for the AGT act in Vegas. The Twitterverse is loving this. As one posted last night, “I don’t know if I love Kodi Lee or his mom more, but I DO know my cold heart grew three sizes today.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been on the stand telling EVERYTHING about his experiences with gang members, all to shave some years off his prison sentence. On the stand yesterday, Tekashi admitted that he ordered the murder of Chief Keef, and offered $20K to get the job done. But when the assassination attempt failed, he cut the price to $10K. Tekashi also described how he was kidnapped by some members of the Nine Trey gang who threatened to kill him. They told him they would spare him his life if he gave them his jewelry so he called his girlfriend to come out to the car and give these guys a bunch of diamonds. Social media has some mixed reactions to all this. While Tekashi was called out for being a snitch, a lot of people said they would snitch, too! Others were concerned that his family’s lives would be in danger. And a lot of people wondered how the heck Tekashi could ever be in the witness protection program with all those ridiculous 69 tattoos all over his face!

Nick Jonas turned 27 on Monday and his new bride Priyanka wanted it to be super special. She surprised her hubby by renting out Soldier Field football stadium in Chicago and had 20 of Nick’s friends there to play a game of touch football. She even had custom jerseys made for what they dubbed “The Jonas Bowl.” After football, the party moved over to TopGolf for a few hours, where they ate pizza and birthday cake, knocked back some tequila and enjoyed cigars.

Taylor Swift is on the cover of “Rolling Stone” and she’s still talking about her feud with Kanye West. After their infamous VMA incident in 2009, Taylor said the two of them reconciled a few years ago. She said they’d go to dinner together and he was actually really sweet. In fact, they were getting along so well that Kanye asked Taylor to present the Video Vanguard Award to him at the 2015 VMAs. So imagine Taylor’s surprise when she’s standing there in the audience with her arm around Kim Kardashian and Kanye starts going off about how MTV got Taylor to do this just for ratings. That’s when she said, “…This chill ran through my body. I realized he is so two-faced.” And then the next year, Kanye called Taylor the B word in his song “Famous” and that’s when Taylor decided she was done. She said, “If you want to be on bad terms, let’s be on bad terms. But just be real about it.”

The battle between Aaron and Nick Carter has gotten really ugly. Nick tweeted that he’d gotten a restraining order against his younger brother, accusing him of having thoughts about killing his pregnant wife and their unborn child. This has sent Aaron over the edge and he was up tweeting all night long and this morning. Aaron called his brother out for several sexual assaults and for beating Paris Hilton. He started calling out the women from Nick’s past by name, saying that they all know the truth and can speak when they’re ready. When someone told Aaron, “Even though I admire you being on women’s side, not all women who accuse a man of rape are telling the truth.” Aaron said, “There’s about 5 more.” He tweeted that he “never wanted to tell anyone this” but felt like he had to, and then went on to accuse his late sister Leslie of raping him when he was only 10 years old. He blamed it on her bipolar disorder and being off her medication. Aaron says she apologized to him before she died. Then he said it was Nick’s turn to tell the truth of what he did to one of the girls in their family. As of this writing, Nick has not responded.

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