Showbiz Top 5: Adam Levine’s engagement text to the ex

How Selena Gomez rang in a milestone birthday…Jimmy Fallon is a new dad…Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora are back together…and the latest on Amanda Bynes’ medical lockdown.

Jimmy Fallon is a dad! Who knew his wife was even pregnant, right? But his wife Nancy most definitely was with child, and she popped out a little girl yesterday morning. Nancy runs Flower Films with Drew Barrymore, which is how she met Jimmy. This is the couple’s first child. He’s 38 and she’s 46.

After Adam Levine got dumped by his longtime Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend, Anne V, he turned to her friend, fellow VS model, Behati Prinsloo. They broke up and then Adam dated Nina Agdal — even taking her on vacation to Mexico not even a month ago. Suddenly Adam turns around, gets back with Behati and pops the question! So how did Nina find out? Adam texted her to give her the heads up. A text???? Nina’s friends says she’s absolutely heartbroken.

How did Selena Gomez celebrate turning 21? She told Jay Leno that she enjoyed her first legal drink — a shot of Jack Daniels! So OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t her first drink, but it was her first LEGAL one because NOBODY’S first drink is a shot of Jack! Jay dared to ask how many of those birthday shots Selena enjoyed, but, um….she couldn’t remember. Party on, Selena.

Even though Jon Bon Jovi said that Richie Sambora is welcome to rejoin the band any time, RadarOnline is reporting that this is far from the truth. Richie left the Bon Jovi tour back in April after a dispute over money, among other things. A source says Richie has been trying to reach out to Jon to end their feud, but Jon won’t accept his calls. And reportedly, ticket sales have really suffered without Richie. He was hoping that at the VERY least, Jon would let him get back up on stage when Bon Jovi performs in New Jersey Thursday night. But the source says Jon’s not going to let that happen. Maybe he’ll have a change of heart at the last minute…….

A source familiar with the situation told TMZ that Amanda Bynes is exhibiting signs of schizophrenia and that medical professionals are trying to extend her 72-hour 5150 hold by another two weeks so doctors can properly diagnose her. Sources also told TMZ that Amanda’s parents will ask a judge to put their 27-year-old daughter in a conservatorship, just like Britney Spears’ family did for her. They wanted to do it before, but Amanda’s behavior never crossed the line so much that a judge would even consider taking away her freedom. But after setting a fire in a random elderly woman’s driveway, dousing her dog in gasoline and accidentally setting her own pants on fire, Amanda finally crossed the line. 

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