Amal Alamuddin’s engagement ring

Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye, Rihanna and Chris Brown being sued… T.I. and The Game storm out of club… Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber upset with Selena Gomez?… Miley Cyrus postponed tour AGAIN… and Amal Alamuddin’s engagement ring

A prisoner in California is suing Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye, Rihanna and Chris Brown for $2.4 billion. Richard Dupree claims all of them stole song lyrics he’d written while behind bars. Mr. Dupree believes Beyonce and Jay Z worked with the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security to spy on him and steal lyrics to 3000 songs. And he claims that Chris, Kanye and Rihanna were co-conspirators in the crime.

In the early hours of Wednesday — when everybody SHOULD have been home in bed — things got crazy at this LA nightclub called Supperclub. T.I. and The Game were inside and some of their buddies were outside trying to get in. When they were denied entrance, one of the entourage threw a punch at a club security guard and that’s when security started pummeling two of these guys. Fists were flying and people were screaming “Crips!” and “Bloods!” It was a mess! So T.I. and The Game come storming out of the club, accusing the cops of beating up their friends — getting in their faces and everything! But then they found out that no, it was the club security who actually did it, so then they turned on security. The Game was ready to fight, taking off his hat and his sweater but his friend ended up calming him down. In the end, the two members of the entourage who were beaten to a bloody pulp decided they didn’t want to press charges. No arrests were made.

Both Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber have reasons to be a little upset with Selena Gomez. First, Selena stopped following the Jenner girls on Instagram, which is the lowest of the low blows. And then Selena went on a date with Orlando Bloom, which Justin had a MAJOR problem with. So how do they get even? Justin took Kendall out to dinner at Nobu Monday night. Yeah, Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey was there, too…but that doesn’t matter! All that matters is Selena saw Justin with that “toxic” Kendall Jenner!!

MUCH to her dismay, Miley Cyrus has to postpone her Bangerz tour AGAIN. She tweeted, “Spoke too soon.” That was followed by, “R u f***ing kidding me?!?!?!?? #aprilcangof***itself.” It’s true — April was not Miley’s best month. She had to cancel the last few dates on the US leg of her tour because she suffered a very serious allergic reaction to antibiotics. But she had every intention of performing in Amsterdam last night. Doctors are not permitting her to travel for the time being, so she had to postpone both Amsterdam and Antwerp. All the canceled dates will be made up later. She’s still scheduled to perform Tuesday night at London’s 02 Arena.

People magazine has the photo of Amal Alamuddin’s engagement ring. George Clooney reportedly designed the 7-carat, ethically mined emerald-cut diamond himself. Page Six is reporting that on April 22 — do you think he picked Earth Day to make an environmental point? — George popped the question after cooking Amal a meal at his mansion in Studio City. Their source says George hopes the wedding will happen before the end of summer — maybe early September — because Amal has to go back to work. She’s a London-based attorney specializing in international law, human rights, extradition and criminal law.


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