Showbiz Top 5: Amanda Bynes hospitalized against her will

Khloe and Lamar going strong despite cheating rumors…Selena Gomez lets Ryan Seacrest ask the forbidden question…and Miley Cyrus reveals the truth about one of her controversial lyrics.

You think you know everything about the Royal Baby, except the name, of course. But do you know the baby’s horoscope? William and Kate’s baby is a Cancer, which — according to one astrologer — will make him sensitive. This astrologer says the future King of England’s legacy will be that of a rule-breaker who becomes a peacemaker. This baby was also born at the time of the Full Moon, which the astrologer says means he’ll lead a charmed yet challenging life. Duh. I’m not an astrologer and I could’ve told you that….

Khloe Kardashian continues to deny her marriage is in trouble. Last night, she and hubby Lamar Odom posted a picture of themselves on Twitter and Instagram. She’s staring at the camera all cute and pouty while Lamar plants a huge kiss on her cheek. Is that proof enough for you? But this family may be dealing with another marriage in crisis. is reporting that Brody Jenner can’t stand his stepmom, Kris, and is hoping that daddy Bruce will divorce her, and is doing his best to make sure that happens.

 Apparently the only person allowed to ask Selena Gomez about Justin Bieber is Ryan Seacrest. When he asked her about it on their exclusive E! interview, she didn’t flinch. But that’s not the case for everybody else interviewing her as she promotes her new music. All reporters and DJs are being told in no uncertain terms — DON’T ASK ABOUT THE BEEBS! And if they do? Interview OVER. A reporter for WGN in Chicago found that out the hard way. Oh yes. He went there. During their satellite interview, he said, “You’re probably as close a friend to Justin Bieber as they come. Is there something about him that we don’t get or we don’t understand?” Selena just looked around like she didn’t know what was going on and then just smiled awkwardly until somebody on her side pulled the plug.

Here’s a big surprise! In her song “We Can’t Stop,” Miley Cyrus finally admits that she IS singing about doing ecstasy. She says the line IS “dancing with molly” and not “dancing with Miley.” But her producer went with the lie because he thought the radio wouldn’t play the song, otherwise. Miley puts it like this:  “If you’re 10, the lyric is ‘Miley.” If you know what I’m talking about then you know. I just wanted it to be played on the radio and they’ve already had to edit it so much.”  She also told the “Daily Mail,” “I don’t think people have a hard time understanding that I’ve grown up. You can Google me and you know what I’m up to — you know what the lyric is saying.”

Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized in LA on 5150 hold, meaning she’s a danger to herself. She’s accused of being drunk and trespassing at a retirement community in Thousand Oaks. She went there yesterday to visit a relative, but management turned her away because they believed she was drunk. They called her a cab, but she jumped out when she realized she had no cash and walked back to the retirement center. Management called the police and she took off. The next day, Amanda returned to the community and allegedly started a fire in one of the residents driveways. She reportedly was carrying a red gas can and burned part of her clothes. Police placed her on a 5150 hold, which means she can be held up to 72 hours against her will

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