Miley Cyrus helps VMA date with legal troubles… Bethenny Frankel is still negotiating “RHONY”… Stephen Collins’ confesson… Beyonce and Jay Z  in the studio… and Amanda Bynes’ strange behavior continues

The homeless man Miley Cyrus paraded out at the VMAs has been sentenced to six months in jail for probation violation. But Miley did what she could to help. She actually hired the attorney who represented 22-year-old Jesse Helt in court. Back in 2010, Jesse was arrested for breaking into an apartment. The next year, he violated his probation by moving to LA to pursue modeling, but ended up being homeless. His luck changed when Miley visited a homeless shelter where Jesse’d been staying. Miley put him on TV, which caught the attention of the authorities who were looking for him back in Oregon. Jesse’s mom is the one who told the press that Miley has been helping pay her son’s legal fees.

Bethenny Frankel is still in negotiations to return to “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Sources say Bravo is offering her well over a million to come back and pull the show’s ratings out of the toilet.  But has learned that NeNe Leakes just negotiated herself a huge pay raise to come back for more “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” With a $1.5 million paycheck for the upcoming season, NeNe is now Bravo’s highest paid reality star.

Former “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins is all over the news after secret recordings of him confessing to child molestation were made public. Yesterday he was fired from his role in “Ted 2” and then resigned from the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild. And last night, police went out to Stephen’s home in Tarzana after someone called 911 to report a gunshot. One of his neighbors is former “Baywatch” star Donna D’Errico. She tweeted, “That guy from 7th Heaven lives right around the corner from me & just shot himself a few minutes ago…” She later deleted it and apologized for spreading a false rumor. No one was shot. Stephen wasn’t even home at the time.

Page Six is reporting that Beyonce and Jay Z are in the studio together, secretly recording an album with plans to release it later this year or early in the next. They’re hoping to recreate that same excitement Beyonce had when she dropped “Beyonce” in December with zero warning.

It’s sad to watch what’s happening with Amanda Bynes. On Monday night, she showed up for Nylon magazine’s It Girl party at the Gilded Lily in NYC. Page Six is reporting that she walked the red carpet, but stood with her back to the cameras, demanding that no one take her picture. Once inside, Amanda let loose on the dance floor, dancing alone while wearing her sunglasses. But she  freaked out when she saw a photographer taking her picture. She reportedly ran up, screaming and flailing her arms at him, demanding, “You have to delete your photos!” When Amanda noticed other people in the club, she started yelling at them to stop, too. But one woman says Amanda violently turned on her, scratching her neck and arms. The woman took photos of the claw marks but said she’s not going to press charges. The next morning, Amanda was seen wandering around Bloomingdale’s for hours while wearing only one shoe and mumbling to herself.


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