Angelina Jolie Hires Crisis Manager

Tyga’s mama has car problems… Blac Chyna tweeted out Rob Kardashian’s #… Justin Bieber needed in Miami… Lady Gaga will perform at Super Bowl… and Angelina Jolie hires crisis manager

It’s one thing when the repo man takes your car…it’s another thing when he comes for you mama’s! But it looks like Tyga’s mama is about to have her car repossessed. A woman has filed legal documents against Tyga claiming that she acted as the middleman on a Range Rover lease for Tyga’s mom. This is a loaded Evoque with a sticker price around $60K. Tyga’s payments would be about $1000 a month, but he wasn’t making them. Tyga reportedly has hired Shawn Holley (of Lindsay Lohan fame) to help him put together a new team of accountants, business managers and attorneys so he can clear up his obvious financial mess.

Blac Chyna tweeted out Rob Kardashian’s phone number and then taunted him on Snapchat. “To assure that your man is not texting no b****es, just tweet his number out. How’s that feel, Rob? How you feel? Get your number changed. Thank you.” The number was disconnected shortly thereafter.

A judge says he doesn’t care if Justin Bieber is in the middle of a European tour, he needs to get his little hiney back to Miami for a deposition ASAP. Justin’s lawyers were in court this week for the case where a photographer accused Justin of siccing his bodyguards on him at a Miami Subway. The judge says Justin has 30 days to get back to Miami for a sworn deposition or he’ll send sheriff’s deputies to arrest him and bring him back.

It is now official! Lady Gaga is the halftime performer at Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5th. She tweeted the confirmation yesterday, “It’s not an illusion. The rumors are true,” she wrote in a tweet. “This year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA!”

The woman who inspired the character Olivia Pope in “Scandal” has been hired to help Angelina Jolie’s team navigate the ugly waters of divorce. A source told “People” that Judy Smith and her firm “have a long history of handling issues that get too much attention in the public eye, and she knows how to push towards resolutions that are swift and discreet.” Judy’s past celebrity clients include Michael Vick, Paula Deen and Monica Lewinsky.


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