Ray Rice is going to appeal… Box office weekend… Daniele Watts was arrested… Kanye West’s  performance in Australia… and Are Jay Z and Beyonce having another baby?

According to the Baltimore Sun, Ray Rice is going to appeal his suspension today. Earlier this month, Ray was suspended for two games after video surfaced of him dragging his then-fiancee’s unconscious body from an elevator in Vegas. Then after everybody saw the video of him actually punching Janay across the face, he was cut by the Ravens and then a couple of hours later, he was suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

What do you want to see at the movies? A heartwarming tale of a dolphin with a prosthetic tail or an escaped psycho convict terrorizing a poor woman? More of you wanna see psychos because Idris Elba’s “No Good Deed” came in first place with $24 million. That was followed by “Dolphin Tale 2” which, despite starring Ashley Judd — took some of my money and ended up earning $16.5 million for second place. “Guardians of the Galaxy” finally fell from first down to third with $8 million.

“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts was arrested in Hollywood on Thursday. Her only crime? Making out with her white husband in a parked car. Daniele says somebody called the cops on them, claiming “indecent exposure.” When an officer arrived and asked for ID, Daniele refused because she said she hadn’t done anything wrong. It went downhill from there and Daniele ended up in handcuffs in the back of a police car. She was eventually released because cops determined no crime was committed. Daniele’s husband says this was all racially motivated and that people assumed his wife was a hooker messing around with a white guy.

Kanye West was performing in Australia when he demanded everyone get up on their feet. In fact, he refused to continue until everyone was standing — unless they were handicapped, of course. But he said they had to have “a handicap pass” and “get special parking and s***.” One woman literally waved her prosthetic in the air to explain why she wasn’t dancing. Kanye saw it and said, “Okay! You fine!” But when another man wouldn’t stand up, Kanye sent his bodyguard over to confirm that he was indeed sitting in a wheelchair.

How can you be getting divorced when you’re having a baby?? Everyone has gone from gossiping that Jay Z and Beyonce are getting divorced to thinking she’s pregnant. That’s because during their final “On the Run” performance in Paris, Jay changed the lyrics to one of his songs and said, “’cause she’s pregnant with another one.” OBVIOUSLY that’s an announcement right there. But sources told RadarOnline that Jay has been “fiercely protective” of Beyonce recently, “just like when she was expecting Blue Ivy.” Their entourage reportedly has to speak in relaxed voices and listen only to soft music. The source says Jay is also insisting Beyonce only eat organic food.


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