Are The Kylie Jenner & Drake Romance Rumors True?

“The Masked Singer” spoiler… Jax Taylor drama… Lady Gaga’s canceled show… Chris Brown had a yard sale… and Are the Kylie Jenner & Drake romance rumors true?

The World Series messed everything up for “The Masked Singer,” but things got back on track last night. SPOILER ALERT — but it’s all over the internet so here you go….In the 2-hour special, both the Penguin and Black Widow were revealed. In the first hour, we found out the Penguin was Sherri Shepherd and in hour two, the Black Widow was Raven-Symone.

You would think that marriage would’ve calmed Jax Taylor down. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And now fans of “Vanderpump Rules” are calling for Lisa to fire Jax after attacking someone on Twitter with homophobic comments. The Twitter feud began when 47_Mike responded to the NHL’s tweet asking about jerseys, saying they should look into getting a new jersey designer. Why would that set Jax off? Who knows. But he did. I’m not going to repeat what he tweeted but it was horribly out of line. And know how Lisa Vanderpump feels about the gay community, her fans are saying it’s time for her to get rid of an obviously homophobic Jax.

Lady Gaga had to cancel her Vegas show last night because she’s so sick with bronchitis and a sinus infection. In case we didn’t believe her, she posted picture of herself getting a breathing treatment and an IV. She captioned it, “I’m so devastated I can’t perform tonight for so many people who traveled to come see me. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis and feel very sick and sad I never want to let you down. ” she wrote on Twitter alongside a photo of herself receiving an IV. I’m just too weak and ill too perform tonight. I love you little monsters I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

Chris Brown has 57M followers on IG and he invited them all to his house for a garage sale. He posted a colorful flyer that included his home address in Tarzana, and hundreds of people lined up hours early hoping to grab some of what Chris described as “significantly marked-down, high end designer items.” Security guards let 20 people in at a time to rummage through the items laid out under tents. Chris was not there to haggle with his customers.

Let’s get some clarification on what’s going on between Kylie Jenner and Drake. According to E! News — which has closest access to all things Kardashian — Kylie and Drake are not dating. Their source says, “Kylie and Drake are not romantic. They have always been good friends and have been hanging out more that Kylie is single and Drake is in town at his house in Calabasas…It’s a convenient friendship buts it’s strictly platonic.” The source also says that Drake is notorious for flirting, but he and Kylie just have a great dynamic and they’re into the same things. Plus, he just likes coming over to hang out with Kylie and her daughter Stormi from time to time. The source says, “They aren’t hooking up, but Kylie is enjoying having him around.”

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