Are Your Favorite Shows Renewed or Canceled?

Cher has disowned her children… Las Vegas nightclub will be disappointed… Azealia Banks taking Twitter shots… Katy Perry’s recent tweets… and Are your favorite shows renewed or canceled?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Cher has disowned her children and vows to cut them out of her will. The magazine says 69-year-old Cher is battling the life-threatening Epstein-Barr virus and believes the end is near. But her relationship with her kids, Elijah Allman and Chaz Bono, is not good. A source said Cher feels like she’s apologized for being so involved in her career and she’s sorry they had a difficult life, but she’s done everything to make things right and make her kids happy but they still call her a bad mom. The source said she finally had enough and told the kids that if they think she’s just a monster, then they should have nothing more to do with her and, oh, by the way — You’re out of the will!

The Foxtail Nightclub in Las Vegas announced on Twitter, “We’re excited to welcome style icon@KylieJenner to @foxtailatsls on 5/29 for her highly anticipated DJ debut! #MDW” At last check, there are plenty of tickets and VIP tables available for her big debut. But Kylie actually tweeted, “This isn’t true.”

She’s been taking Twitter shots at everyone from Lady Gaga to Rihanna to Nicki Minaj to Zayn Malik to 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson. At the end of Azealia Banks’ tirade, she deleted her entire Twitter history and tried to issue some sort of an apology. But Twitter finally had enough yesterday and they suspended her account. Azealia tried to start a new account, but Twitter caught on quickly to that and suspended that one, as well.

Katy Perry says we’re reading too much into her recent tweets that we all assumed were addressing Selena Gomez lying all over her boyfriend Orlando Bloom in a Vegas nightclub. She tweeted, “Instead of giving energy & eyeballs to dumb conspiracy, check out how cool this is.” And then she added a link to a Time article about Orlando’s charity work in the Eastern Ukraine. Selena retweeted Katy’s tweet and added the praise emoji.

They were swinging the axe in Hollywood yesterday! A lot of your favorite shows may have come to the end of the road. ABC announced that they were not only pulling the plug on “The Muppets,” last night was the last episode. ABC also canceled “Nashville,” which was set to hit its 100th episode next season. But you’ll only get two more episodes and that’s it. They say one of the reasons the show isn’t coming back is because of an anti-LGBT law recently passed in Tennessee, which is where the show filmed. And Emma Kelly is going to be VERY upset when she finds out “Castle” has been canceled after eight seasons, with the series finale set for this Monday night. In fact, they filmed two different versions of this season’s finale, depending on whether the show was canceled or renewed. Basically, the two stars of the show despised each other. Originally they got rid of Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett, but I guess they decided the show couldn’t go on without her. ABC has also canceled “Agent Carter” and “Galavant.” CBS is done with “CSI: Cyber.” And I was one of those people who was super-excited about “Grandfathered” and “The Grinder,” but I guess — just like me — everybody lost interest pretty quickly on those shows because Fox has canceled them both. Also gone is the animated series “Bordertown” and “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life” won’t be back.


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