Streaming concerts… Taylor Swift’s brother kisses Tom Felton… Kendall Jenner is on a “Quarantine Road Trip”… Nick Viall slams “liar” Madison Prewett… Are Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid having a baby together?

In honor of Willie Nelson’s 87th birthday today — and to raise money for Farm Aid — Willie’s “Red Headed Stranger Live from Austin City Limits” will stream on YouTube starting at 4:20pm CST. Get it? This was recorded way back in 1976, so that should be a fun trip down memory lane. Also tonight, “Offset and Friends” will stream live from his Facebook page starting at 6pm CST. They’ll be raising money for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Also at 6pm CST tonight, Ally Brooke will play on Navy Exchange’s Facebook and Instagram pages as part of their #WeStandTogether series, and Tones and I will host a live performance on her YouTube page starting at 9pm CST.

Tom Felton, who you may know as Draco Malfoy from the “Harry Potter” films, has a new movie called “Braking for Whales.” It’s a dark comedy about a brother and a sister who must fulfill their mother’s dying wish — putting her ashes inside the belly of a whale. In the trailer for the movie, Tom’s character denies he’s gay, but then it cuts to a scene of him kissing a guy. Well, that guy he’s kissing is Taylor Swift’s brother, Austin! Yes, Austin is an actor, in case you didn’t know. He doesn’t work a lot. Since 2016, he’s only got 8 acting credits on his IMDB page. “Braking for Whales” is now available on demand.

Kendall Jenner definitely has a type. She’s rumored to have dated at least five basketball players — D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Kyle Kuzma, Blake Griffin, and Ben Simmons. Ben seems to be the one she keeps on repeat. But now we may have a sixth player in the mix. Kendall and Devin Booker — who’s in the middle of a 5-year, $158M contract with the Phoenix Suns — were spotted getting into his Mercedes Maybach at a rest stop in Arizona. Sources say they were headed to Sedona for a quarantine vacation and looked like a couple. Sources told TMZ they’re just friends and took this road trip to “get some air.” That could be the truth. Back in 2018, Kendall and Ben Simmons went on a double date with Devin and his date, Jordyn Woods.

Nick Viall just went off on Madison Prewett for her shady comments about Peter Weber. Madison claims that 2 days before he went to Chicago to shack up with Kelley Flanagan, Peter was texting her asking her to get back together. Peter responded in the comments of a fan account, “@madiprew you’d think you’d have a little more respect for this situation given we both know there’s more to the story…” Well! Nick has something to say about all that. He thinks Madison is a LIAR. On his podcast, Nick said, “Here’s what we know: Peter might be a lot of things. He might have been sloppy, you could have argued that maybe he’s got some maturing to do, he’s certainly indecisive, but what Peter has also been is honest, even to a fault, almost.” But, he added, “We also know Madison to be a little bit of a liar.” Why does he say that? Back in January, Madison apparently created a fan account for herself so she could leave positive comments about herself on other accounts! On her personal IG, she posted a picture of her and Peter on a date, but then forgot to toggle over to her fan account when she commented, “Beautiful date, Madi. You are so genuine and real.” She got ROASTED. But to save face, one of Madison’s friends took the blame, posting, “Oops. Thought I wrote that comment about being real & genuine from my account but was logged into Madi’s from when she got back from filming. Don’t hate me @madiprew.” Nobody was buying that, including Nick. He said, “If you’re going to be righteous, and you’re going to be pious, and you’re going to talk about your relationship with God and how you want to be an example to young women, blah, blah, blah, then I hold you to a higher standard. So don’t be a liar.” He also called her out for lying about her house during hometown visits. They actually filmed at the home of Auburn Tigers head basketball coach, Bruce Pearl. Madison’s dad is the Director of Operations for the team. But filming at other people’s homes actually happens a lot on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” hometown visits, so we’ll let her slide on that…

Gigi Hadid celebrated her 25th birthday on April 23rd, but was her birthday party also a baby shower? Are she and Zayn Malik expecting a baby?? Here are the clues. First, the strings tied to her birthday balloons are blue and pink. And if you look at the gift bags, there was a pink one that said, “Hello, little one” and another one decorated in blue with Baby Shark. And if you look at Gigi’s belly, it does seem a tad poochy. But is that from too much quarantine or is it a baby bump? Gigi and Zayn aren’t commenting, but sources are saying she’s already 20 weeks along. That means she would’ve gotten pregnant right after her brief fling with Tyler Cameron ended and she got back together with Zayn.

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